Tuesday, April 5, 2011

While Americans Are Now Starving and Destitute, The United States Gives An Estimated 10 Billion Dollars Annually To The Criminal State Of Israel

Again, while the world is still focused in on the Nuclear Reactor disaster in Japan, as well as the newest American war for Israel, this time in Libya, there is still a lot of important news elsewhere. 

For this article, I want to focus in on a fact that is still much overlooked in America.   That is the fact that the American government continues to send almost 4 Billion dollars annually to the criminal state of Israel.  This, and the estimated 6 billion dollars that comes form private donations and corporations, means that that criminal state gets over 10 BILLION dollars annually from the United States alone.   As a result,that and the continuing reparations received from Germany, as well as donations and "aid" from other countries, it is no wonder that Israel is so economically viable while the rest of the world is falling rapidly into a super depression!

To emphasize how much aid the United States gives annually to the criminal state of Israel, I want to present an interesting short video that I came across recently.  It is entitled: "US Financial Aid To Israel ", and I have it right here for you to view:

NTS Notes:  It is interesting that this is called a "conservative" estimate as to the amount of aid Israel gets from the US.  But again, it does not include money given from private and corporate donations, as well as money collected through their phoney "Kosher taxes" from nations everywhere....

Readers, again I cannot emphasize how much the US Government continues to bow to the criminal state of Israel and gives away American taxpayer dollars to that evil entity, while Americans at home are bankrupt, penniless, and living in the streets.

This should be another wake up call for all Americans.... Feel free to pass this important information around.

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While the organised US Government crime family hands out welfare money to Israel the American people suffer. Israel exists on the free lunch from America. The bought and paid for bums in the Congress and the Senate vote to send these parasites even more. Then they turn around and dip their beak into Social Security. When these jerks get elected they fail to work for their constituents that put them into office in the first place. Now the so called government is headed for a shut down. In the end America will kiss China's ass for bail out money. America is headed for a massive economic collapse. These morons brought this shut down on themselves, they have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Dear Truthseeker, I'm looking to leave this miserable so called free nation. Does Canada bow to Israel? I never hear on the news anything about Canada. It's Americas neighbour that's ignored until they need to parasite extra troops for a coalition force.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe Nova Scotia was man's last horizon to get away of the filth and scum of society but they have problems also. Blacks stabbing and robbing, home invasions using shotguns,car theft.