Friday, April 29, 2011

We Interrupt Real Important News To Bring You...A Royal Wedding!

OK.. Today is the day that Prince William Mountbatten (Battenberg) married Catherine Middleton in all the pomp and ceremony at Westminster Abbey, in London England.  Honestly.... I could not give a crap!

I for one can not understand why in this day and age that we still have "royalty".   I have always figured that with the end of the so called British Empire, and the fact that this so called royal family have been bilking taxpayers in the United Kingdom and other nations of the Commonwealth for billions of dollars, it should have been high time that Great Britain end the nonsense of these phonies, take their wealth away, and turn the nation into a true democratic society ruled by the people themselves.... Possibly a republic!

Living in Canada, it is hard enough to read and stomach any news about these royal frauds and phonies.   I never voted for the Queen, and have absolutely no intentions of ever shaking her (blood dripping) hands..... And how do you get to be King or Queen in the first place?  I have asked that question many times, and I found the solution in this video:

Like I said... I never voted for her....

How quickly people forget that the royal pain who calls herself Queen of England, is most probably responsible for the death of Diana... (see evidence presented: ), and there is even recent evidence that the Queen and her royal entourage are nothing more than pedophiles! ( see evidence presented: ).   There is even further evidence that the Queen was involved in the injustice to the aboriginal people of Canada, which is really sick.... (see evidence here: )   Therefore you have to ask yourselves... How can anyone support this "Royal Family"?

OK... But I do digress.... Today, while the British people are suffering immensely by an outrageously high unemployment rate ( some 20+ % ),  and the entire nation is on the verge of total economic collapse, much like the United States, but they still come out in droves for a "Royal Wedding"!    But Royal Weddings can be absolutely the most boring things on the planet, with all the long drawn out rituals and ceremony.  I could see most of the people attending the ceremony itself nodding off into oblivion....But I do have a solution.. Lets liven up the wedding by trying it in this fashion:

NTS Notes:  OK... Yes, this is my idea of satire.  But you have to admit that while more urgent matters are happening elsewhere in the world that do require peoples' attention, we are having this farce of a Royal Wedding take place to further an Aristocratic form of an outdated political system.

I say end the farce of Royalty once and for all time, and turn these Royal frauds into the peasants that they truly are.

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dublinmick said...

There are bigger things going on anyway.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

But wasn't the ceremony a splendid spectacle?And so cheap!Only 30 million euros.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Wow... Only 30 Million Euros (Pounds?)... Gee... I guess all those unemployed Brits joyfully handed over their money for these so called royals!

mary sullivan said...

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