Monday, April 25, 2011

A Message To My Readers..

I have been taking more time off recently for some long needed rest and relaxation.  I have found in necessary to take a step back from all of the terrible news around us recently to clear my mind, and to focus on other matters.

I just spent an entire weekend away from Internet blogging, especially from reading all the articles about impending doom and gloom, and instead to enjoy the Easter weekend with family and friends.  What I discovered is that it definitely helped to clear my mind and to help recharge my body.   

I do recommend that everyone periodically take the time themselves to just turn off the computer or Talmud Vision, and instead take a walk outside and realize how beautiful this world truly is, and why it is worth saving from the criminals that want to destroy its beauty and to enslave us all. 

But now...I am back, and again as I said before, I am in this for the long haul.  

More to come



Franklin Ryckaert said...

In a comment on your article of april 17 called The Global Food Crisis Is Coming,I said that behind the food crisis are speculating Jewish bankers.I said that more from presumption than from knowledge. Now a confirmation can be found on the website Information Clearing House in a video of april 25 called Wall Street Behind High Food-Oil Prices That Is Causing Arab Instability.It appears that indeed speculators on Wall Street,especially the notorious Goldman and Sachs,are responsible.Another contributing factor is the socalled "quantitative easing"(printing money) by the FED which caused inflation and thus higher prices..So in both cases it is indeed Jews.No anti-semitic prejudice here, just the facts.

Anonymous said...

As the Grandson of Palestinians, forced to leave their homes after three months of constant shelling by the Zionist militias, I find it mindbogglng that after so many economic calumnies, the average American is still not aware of the crimes being committed on a daily basis by a tribe that admittedly believes Christians are nothing more than cattle, - to be directed at their descreation. Will these people wake up - or maybe the Jews were right all along. Congress! Prime example.