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Israel Is THE Nuclear Threat, Not Iran!

With the war in Libya now at what could be considered a "stalemate", the focus of the criminal state of Israel is now shifting again towards getting their puppets in the United States to attack Iran.   It has always been their twisted goal to have the last major obstacle to their sick dream of a "Greater Israel" eliminated by using their minions in America to do the fighting and dying for them!

For this article, I want to focus on a recent article that was put forward by the website: Revolt Of The Plebs, at, entitled: "Israel Is The Nuclear Threat, Not Iran", and it again lays out some clear key points on exactly why the peaceful state of Iran is absolutely no threat to anyone, but Israel clearly is.  Here is that short article right here for you to view:

Israel Is the Nuclear Threat, Not Iran

Posted by keith on Apr 07, 2011

Compared to Iran, Israel has rejected the call by the international community to join the NPT and to allow IAEA inspection of its hidden facilities

Alireza Miryousefi
Market Watch

Regarding the Zionist regime’s Ambassador Michael Oren’s Iran-phobic article ” What if Gadhafi Had Gone Nuclear?” (op-ed, March 29): Contrary to the false assertions in the article, Iran’s nuclear program is completely peaceful, and various reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency confirm that after extensive inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities there is no evidence of any military diversion. I repeat, the charges are nonsense and the purpose of the fake propaganda against Iran reflected in this article is to deflect attention from the real threat of nuclear proliferation posed by an expansionist government that continues to oppress the Palestinian people and expropriate their land in clear violation of international law.

It is strange to publish an article whose author is representing the government with the biggest terrorist and apartheid regime which continues its systematic violation of Palestinian rights. The country Mr. Oren represents has clandestinely stockpiled nuclear weapons which menace the people of the Middle East.

Compared to Iran, which is a signatory in good standing to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is an enthusiastic supporter of the United Nations’ initiative of a Middle East nuclear-weapons-free zone, this government has rejected the call by the international community to join the NPT and to allow IAEA inspection of its hidden facilities.

NTS Notes:  As I have always stated, Iran has been building nuclear power plants for their nation's energy needs, and has absolutely no intention of ever building nuclear weapons.  For them to even consider building one such device would be suicide, because it would instantly give the excuse for Israel and their puppets in America to attack and bring upon the nation's destruction.

The fact is again, readers, that Israel possesses several hundred nuclear weapons, and would use them in a heartbeat if it was ever threatened through its own horrific Samson Option.   It is through the usage of their controlled media that this information is never told to the general public.   Only through bloggers, such as myself, is this bitter truth put forward for people to see and be informed.

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