Monday, April 25, 2011

Important Video: The Banking Scam

Right now, the major economies of the world, and especially in the United States, are in free fall.   The fact is that right now the US Dollar which has been the primary system of trade for the world economies for well over 60 years is falling like a stone into oblivion.  It is no wonder that precious metals, such as Gold and Silver are already at record price levels and will continue to rise as people are buying these commodities as hedges against inflation, and as a means of trade if and when the US dollar finally totally collapses.

But what about the criminal priivate bankers, primarily the US Federal Reserve system, that caused this world wide crisis in the first place?   It seems that most people are still unaware that it was these criminals that have created this mess and are getting away with their crimes against humanity!

For this article, I want to try to help to educate the masses about the truth about the Banking Scam.   Right now, I want to present a great video that helps to explain the Banking Scam in simple straight forward terms.  It is called "The Banking Scam", and I have it here in its entirety.  I also have a few important comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What is missing in this video is the fact that the vast majority of these criminal private bankers are Jews who care not about the rest of humanity, but on their own interests in wealth based upon their ages old system of Usury debt.   What is also missing is the fact that these criminal private bankers are owned by the biggest criminal banking empire on the planet... The criminal Rothschild Jewish bankers out of Europe!

It was on Christmas eve, 1913, that these evil criminal bankers caused the surrender of the United States of America into their diabolical hands by the passage of the Federal Reserve bill by the US Congress.   From that date forward,  every citizen of the United States officially became a slave to these bankers.   It is only now, some 98 years later, with a crushing 15 Trillion dollar (some say much higher) debt load owed to these evil bankers, that America itself teeters on the edge of total economic collapse and total ruination..

One other note... This video not only applies to the US Federal Reserve system, but to other privately owned criminal banking scams in other countries, including the privately owned Bank of Canada right here in my own country, Canada, as well as the countries owned and enslaved in the Rothschild controlled European Union!   It is a fact that debt enslavement to criminal private bankers is alive and well everywhere on the planet.

I do again suggest that you take this video, and pass it around to others for a real education into the criminality of our present banking fraud.   Educating the public about the truth is always key in winning our battle against their push for world domination and our total enslavement.

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