Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gordon Duff: President Obama, "Get Real" On 9-11 And Phony Terror

One of the best writers from the website Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, until recently had been putting out some hard hitting articles exposing the criminality of the state of Israel.   But recently there was a sudden change of style from the usual hard hitting articles to ones that were suddenly a shadow of their previous works.  Did Gordon Duff and other authors at Veterans Today receive threats from these criminals?  It did appear so....

But now it appears that Gordon Duff has finally put out a hard hitting article that has been overdue... I came across his latest article, from Veterans Today, at www.veteranstoday.com, entitled: "We Can Handle The Truth, Some Of Us Anyway", and I have it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view:


April 11, 2011 posted by Gordon Duff 



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

America is in its 10th year of war in Afghanistan and losing.  Everyone there hates us, we haven’t won a single “heart” or “mind.”  We have succeeded in building an empire of opium and heroin on a scale never before imagined.

Millions at home, tens of millions in Russia, Europe and around the world have been destroyed by the flood of narcotics distributed with deadly efficiency by a combination of rogue military and intelligence operations and the contracting firms we payed to protect us.

American corruption, incompetence and brutality has recruited hundreds of thousands into a war against the United States who could otherwise have been our allies.  This is the simple truth of it.

The entire premise for Afghanistan was a lie.  Not long ago, Ron Paul exposed even the first Gulf War as a lie, Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait was authorized and supported by the United States.  This is one of the uncelebrated Wikileaks accomplishments.

Everybody knows, and I do so love saying this, that there were no WMDs in Iraq, that the whole thing was set up by Israel.  5000 Americans died uselessly.  Let’s face it, “uselessly” is the right term, no way about it.  We can handle the truth.
Handle this:
  • 9/11 was pure “false flag” staged by Israel with help from Pentagon, CIA and White House “friends”
  • There were NO 9/11 hijackers, no “box cutters,” no airplane drama, no passengers storming the cockpit, no phone calls, it was all made up
  • No plane hit the Pentagon, it was a missile
  • Two airplanes didn’t knock down the 3 WTC towers.
  • Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA and died 10 years ago
  • Al Qaeda never existed until we invented it.  It still doesn’t, not really, though millions of Muslims now wish it did so they could join.
There is so much “hard proof” of these things, you could convict “OJ,” even with Alan Dershowitz defending him.

The “proof” of the cover story dissolved years ago, the phony investigation, the phony engineering study, all a sick joke, with the emphasis on “sick.”  Anyone who accepts this bilk is simply too stupid to live.

We are preparing to put a “hijacker” on trial soon.

First of all, it isn’t really a trial at all, its some sort of military kangaroo court thing, quite illegal, quite unconstitutional, no surprise there.

Hey, it gets even better.

We aren’t even sure who we have.  Not only did this guy have nothing to do with 9/11, according to intelligence sources, he probably is just so schmo we “bought” back during the Bush administration, some nameless victim like the dozens or even hundreds, perhaps thousands, we kidnapped, tortured (and executed) by “mistake.”
It was never a mistake.  It was a “ploy.”  Bush and Cheney needed “numbers” to sell the idea that they were winning the “GWOT.”  (Global War on Terror)  They gave these instructions:
  • Get us “warm bodies,” for “suspects,” we don’t care who or why, we need “results”
  • Get us “confessions,” the more outlandish, the better…
  • Go out and recruit “terrorists,” inside the US, Europe and around the world.  We want to be able to stage terror attacks on demand, based on election and news cycles or when we need a distraction
This is the truth.  This is what the facts support.  This is what we need to admit to and these are the crimes we need to redress, to our own people and people around the world.

We have become everything we ourselves fear most.  No more fairy tales, no more bedtime stories, no more lies.

NTS Notes:  It does appear that Gordon Duff is back, and its about time.

The fact is that the American public has been lied to for almost 10 years now about the truths about 9-11, and how the criminal state of Israel was able to pull off that heinous attack.

The facts presented in this Gordon Duff article about how the actions of the United States has in fact fueled world wide terrorism is especially disturbing.   By the criminal actions of the United States government in its phony war on terror, they are now their own worst enemy, and have in fact created a monster....

Again as I have said before... Wake Up America!

More to come



jim233 said...

I remeber seeing an article on VT by Duff calling for military action agaisnt Libya!

jim233 said...

I remember seeing a Duff article at VT calling for military action against Libya!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Someone else mentioned that to me as well in my private emails....

That is amazing, and shows again how Gordon Duff was off in a different direction for a while, but now appears to be refocused on the real criminals...

jim233 said...

Sorry about the double post @6:26AM NTS.
I find Duff to be right-on about many issues with Israel but WTF happened on his calling for an attack on Libya??!! Is he going to pay for it? He lost my trust and I don't visit VT anymore.
Damned crazy the BS we have to endure with some of these journalist at times.
Otherwise, love your articles and keep up the good work NTS!

Sally said...

I agree with jim233. I refuse to check out VT anymore. I personally read MANY articles posted there about pushing for the (barbaric) assault on Libya by Duff. I trust the analysis over at landdestroyer for the real news behind yet another country being brutalized by US and its cohorts in terror.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am as disturbed as the rest of you by the changes that Gordon Duff goes through periodically, but this article is indeed useful for reference.

We can agree to disagree about Gordon Duff....And to reassure everyone, I too am closely watching to see if he will suddenly turn again and put out crap, such as another piece like the one where he called for an attack on Libya!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Duff was not the only alt-news person calling for US miitary action in Libya "to save the rebels." After Egypt, it was assumed that any revolt against Mideast country leaders had to be "good." Then it became clear, that all was not so clear as appeared to be. It still isn't. When the info started coming out that the the whole Libya/ME strategy has been planned for a long time by the same US/UK Zionists/Israel, it can be seen that the bottom line has always been that they get total ME control.

Ingrid B. said...

I, too, have given up on Duff as being either state sponsored or a military propagandist..