Friday, April 1, 2011

Copyright Or Censorship: Newest Video From Anthony Lawson

Just last week, I posted an article about the Taboo subject of the Jewish Holocaust of WWII, focusing primarily on a new video from Anthony Lawson out of Australia... The link to that article is right here...

My article on this subject was as usual for educational purposes, and to ask readers to assess what they are seeing with an open mind.

Shortly after the release of my own article, the criminals in charge of Youtube found it appropriate to censor the Alan Lawson video, saying that it violated "copyright infringements"...  As a result, I yanked the Youtube link, and substituted it with a VIMEO link.   That is where it stands today.

The original publisher of that video, Alan Lawson, has not taken too kindly to the actions of Youtube, and has just released a new video, called "Copyright or Censorship?" that asks some very hard and appropriate questions about Youtube's actions.   I have that video right here for you, my own readers,  to view:

NTS Notes:  It is so obvious to anyone that what has happened here is that the people who run Youtube do not like any material pertaining to their cherished Holocaust to be released that may ask about the validity of the entire subject.  Therefore they created this phoney individual, and claimed that Lawson is in violation of their "standards".

The fact is, readers, that I have recently focused on social networks, such as Facebook, as being controlled by Zionist Jewish interests, but it is apparent that Youtube as well is under their direct control and influence.  The proof is right here by what they did to Anthony Lawson's video.

Blatant Censorship in a so called "free" society is totally uncalled for and shows that free speech is definitely not so "free".... I am waiting to see what will happen with Anthony Lawson's requests to Youtube.   If an answer does come forward, I will give the results here for my own readers to see... Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Elie Wiesel vs Encyclopaedia Britannica

Wiesel has been one of the most prominent spokesmen for the very sizable group of people known as Holocaust survivors. [According to Norman Finkelstein of the City University of New York in his book The Holocaust Industry published in the year 2000, ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million’ (p.83)]. Wiesel has chaired the US Holocaust Memorial Council and has been the recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Peace Prize..

Time Magazine, March 18 1985:

‘How had he survived two of the most notorious killing fields [Auschwitz and Buchenwald] of the century? "I will never know" Wiesel says. "I was always weak. I never ate. The slightest wind would turn me over. In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths every day. I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?"

Compare this with Encyclopaedia Britannica (1993), under ‘Buchenwald’:

"In World War II it held about 20,000 prisoners.. Although there were no gas chambers, hundreds perished monthly through disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, beatings and executions."