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Another Bombing Of A Synagogue Done By God's "Chosen People" (Who Else?)

Last Thursday, April 7th, at 6:45AM Pacific Daylight Time, there was an explosion at the Chabad Lubovitch (Who else?) Synagogue in Santa Barbara, California.  

Right after that explosion took place, the Zionist controlled media was rife with reports that this was a "terrorist" attack, aimed again at the so called "poor" Jewish people.  I looked upon the initial reports with disgust, and said to colleagues that I guarantee that they will find the perpetrator to be a Jewish person, and quietly the so called "free and impartial" media will attempt to bury this story or spin it in a different direction.

Well, it did not take long, and according to this report from the Ugly Truth website, at, not only is the suspect a Jewish man, but the media did indeed attempt to spin the bombing, claiming that it was an industrial explosion that actually took place next door to the synagogue!   Here is the Ugly Truth article right here for my own readers to view:

Suspect Identified in Santa Monica Bomb Blast

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Ed note–the news coming out was that this was originally thought to have NOT been a bomb, but rather a mechanical failure at a building next door that sounded like an explosion. We now know why, since the suspect in it is one Israel Fisher, Jewish. Had anyone of the Islamic or Christian persuasion been involved in this their religious leanings would have been THE story and we would have heard about it for weeks on end. 
LOS ANGELES — Local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Saturday said they were looking for a suspect in connection with an explosion earlier in the week near a Santa Monica synagogue.

Police initially attributed the blast, which occurred outside the Chabad House at 6:45 a.m. Thursday, to an industrial incident involving cement and other materials. The explosion sent a pipe encased in concrete into the roof of a building near the synagogue.

After an investigation by bomb technicians and detectives, investigators determined the explosion was the result of a “deliberately constructed” device that they have linked to transient named Ron Hirsch, according to a joint statement from the Santa Monica Police Department and the FBI.

Police are now seeking Mr. Hirsch, a heavyset white male they described as “extremely dangerous”, on state charges of possession of a destructive device and other unrelated charges. They released photograph of a man they said was Mr. Hirsh.

Mr. Hirsch, 60, is also known as Israel Fisher and has been known to frequent synagogues and Jewish community centers seeking charity, according to the statement. The motive for his attack is still unknown.

The joint investigation is on-going and is being handled by the Santa Monica Police, the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and other authorities.

The FBI didn’t return calls seeking further comment.

NTS Notes:  Again, readers, as always these criminals will go and bomb their own buildings, like the attack on the Chabad Lubovitch center in Mumbai, India a few years ago, and try to claim that it was a "terrorist" attack aimed at the Jewish people as a whole.  Absolutely disgusting indeed.

It must be noted as always that if this crime had been conducted and proven to be a person of Islamic descent, the media would have had a field day.  But of course because it was a Jewish man, the media spin had to take over, and the story quickly yanked from the media everywhere!

Again, it seems that the only people carrying out all of the so called "terrorist" attacks around the world are these criminals.   Lets not be fooled again!

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