Monday, March 28, 2011

A Very Justified Farewell Message To The British Parliament For Scrapping Its Military And British Sovereignty!

For a very long time, I have been after the American public for them to awaken to their loss of freedom and how the United States of America has collapsed due to its massive criminal banking debt, off-shoring of important manufacturing jobs,  and its criminal pursuit of endless wars for its masters in Israel.  What has happened to that once great nation is terrible enough, but it is but a shadow compared to how badly things have become in the United Kingdom.

As a student of history, I have always marveled as to how the tiny island of Britain was able for over 300 years gain and maintain a vast World empire, only to lose it all, primarily due to the nefarious workings of the Rothschilds of Europe through their insidious Bank of England and its crushing Usury system of debt.    Right now, Britain is a total mess, with a Usury debt load that has destroyed its once great manufacturing base, created massive unemployment  that has been unseen in its history, and has turned the nation into a shadow of its once greatness. 

Britain in recent years has been riding the coattails of the United States, and has been involved in the US led wars in the Middle East as a minor partner in crime.   The result has been to further bankrupt the nation, and leave it at the mercy of both the IMF and the Rothschild led European Union.   In fact, things have become so bad that Britain can no longer afford to maintain its military and enforce its own sovereignty.   One of the casualties of this decline has been Britain's own fleet of British built Harrier jump jets, which the British parliament had decided recently to scrap due to lack of funding!

Exactly how does this decline in Britain's military and therefore its own sovereignty sit with the British armed forces? Well, to show how exactly the British military feels about their own Government's decision to scrap the Harrier fleet, I want to present the following article from The Sovereign Independent, at, where the soon to be scrapped Harrier fleet decided to give one last message to their own government.   Here is that article:

Harrier’s Farewell Message to British Parliament As Aircraft Scrapped Gives Hope That the Military Have Finally Woken Up!

Foreword by Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent -

Apologies for having to use this picture but I think you’ll agree it gives a clear message to the British establishment!.

The greatest insult upon the greatest injury, a defenseless ex-sovereign nation, its resources all plundered and handed to the EU, its soldier’s remains coming back in body-bags from illegal foreign wars started and run by a LibLabCon bunch of communist/fascist traitors.

Here’s what the genocidal eugenicists think of you and your ancestors who fought and died so you could be free, and here’s what they think of your children and grandchildren.


The British government has scrapped the Harrier aircraft fleet and on their farewell formation flypast over the houses of Parliament they gave the government a message.

Look at this carefully……… is brilliant, and a true example of British Humour!!

Lean back a bit from your computer monitor and squint. Seriously; push your chair back a couple of feet.
My hats off to the lad that was leading this.

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NTS Notes:  Honestly, I could not have relayed a message to a government any better than these pilots did.   I sure hope, as this author states, that the British military may be finally waking up!

As I have said before, people everywhere must wake the hell up and realize what is at stake here.   The crushing debt loads and push for constant wars will only mean an end to freedom for people everywhere, and perpetual enslavement to the so called "New World Order", or criminal "elite".    Lets get the word out, everyone!

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