Thursday, March 24, 2011

That Taboo Subject Rears Its Head Again: Anthony Lawson Video: Holocaust, Hate Speech, And Were The Germans So Stupid?

From time to time, I do get comments and emails asking WHY I do not go deeper into the subject of the Jewish Holocaust of World War II.   These readers rightfully state that because I am out to expose the lies of history, that I should give a truthful perspective on that important part of history.

Readers, the problem is simple:  I live in Canada.  Since 1973, when the Canadian government stupidly passed its so called "Hate Crimes" legislation at the request of several insidious Jewish groups in Canada, Freedom of Speech has been muzzled when it comes to the subject of the Jewish Holocaust.  The penalty for violating that "law" can be years in prison!

All that anyone has to do is to look at how these criminals falsely charged Ernst Zundel with the absolutely ridiculous and totally unfounded crime of "Holocaust Denial" to see what happens to anyone who openly questions the validity of that subject.  As a result, I will not come out and either deny or support what is written about that part of history.  The only thing I am left to do is to let my readers research for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

However, I can periodically show some work by other writers, just to give to my own readers for them to judge for themselves.  I came across this interesting video from Anthony Lawson, entitled: "Holocaust, Hate Speech, And Were The Germans So Stupid?", and I want to present it right here for my own readers to view:

Anthony Lawson: Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? from Rebel News on Vimeo.

NTS Notes:  Again, I am personally muzzled in giving my own perspective or even what I think about what happened during that part of our history.   All I ask is that readers keep an open mind, and judge for themselves. Remember that Truth never needs laws to support itself... Only Lies do!

Again, there is an important lesson about history that we must all remember:  "If We Do Not Learn From History, Then We Are Doomed To Repeat It!"

And to those who might scream "antisemitism" at me... Please take another look at the video that I have up on this blog in the left hand column that exposes the truth about their phoney cries of "antisemitism"!

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DeltaWolf said...

Only 3 days have passed and it's already blocked in my country.

It's a good thing that I already saw and downloaded it.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The damned criminals have attempted to block this video through their Youtube... Thank goodness for VIMEO! Enjoy, readers!