Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recent Slaughter Of Illegal Israeli Settlers Was Caused By A Pissed Off Asian Worker, But Try Telling That Truth To The Canadian Press...

When the Fukushima nuclear disaster began to unfold last weekend, many other newsworthy events elsewhere in the world went by the wayside, except for the one where the state of Israel went overboard screaming bloody murder that Palestinian "terrorists" had killed an entire family of illegal Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank.   

However, by Monday, the totally false claim that Palestinians had committed that slaughter had to be quickly withdrawn, due to the fact that the real perpetrator of that crime was an Asian worker that had been hired by that family to perform some menial tasks.  It appears that this family owed this man thousands of shekels and did not pay him for his labor.    He subsequently took his revenge against the family by murdering them all!  As a result, press reports everywhere around the world that had been screaming reports that Palestinian "terrorist" had committed this crime all disappeared by midweek.  

However, I came across this startling editorial by a writer for Sun publications out of Canada, Michael Coren,  where even after the evidence is clear and staring him right in the face that Palestinians had nothing to do with this murder, he writes this outrageous editorial still claiming that Palestinian Terrorists are still responsible!   Here is that "editorial" for my own readers to view:

Slaughter of innocents

Amid Israeli Apartheid Week nonsense, a family bled to death
Last Updated: March 19, 2011 1:00am

Last week I wrote of how proud I was of being a Zionist, and how much I admired and respected the flawed but still remarkable state of Israel. The vomit of abuse was predictable — sent to me privately but also on display in the comment section of this newspaper.
Just hours later, the militant, violent face of such race-hatred and irrational anti-Israel hysteria revealed itself when five innocent people, three of them tiny children, were slaughtered like animals as they slept in their beds.
Udi Fogel, 36, was knifed to death, as was his wife, Ruth, a year younger. The other three victims were Yoav, who was 11, Elad, who was four, and tiny Hadas, a mere three months old. One of the children who survived, just two years old, found his mother and father in pools of blood and hugged them and cried as he told them to wake up, wake up, please wake up.
This was not a bomb, not a random shot, not an accidental attack. A terrorist spent time trying to enter various homes until he found one where a family was asleep. He then plunged a knife into each person, taking what must have been quite some time as he systematically murdered them. He would have looked at the sleeping babes, heard their breaths, smelled their child-like innocence, and then stabbed them over and over again.
The coverage of the horror has been limited, partly because of the catastrophe in Japan, but also — let’s be honest — because compassion fatigue set in a long time ago when Israelis suffer. The Israeli government has made an official complaint about CNN’s jaundiced coverage of the event, but there is not much it can do about media indifference. Imagine for a moment if an Israeli had done this to Palestinians. There would have been full front pages within a day and documentaries, dramas and books already planned.
Not here, not now, not for these people. In Gaza, the allegedly starving inhabitants were given cake and candies to celebrate the event, and even in parts of the West Bank there was celebration. Many Arab leaders did, however, condemn the atrocity, but what is said in English to the greater world is often different from what is said in Arabic to their own world.
It is not the first time that children have been targeted by Palestinian terrorists. In fact, kindergartens and schools are common attack sites. Then there are discos, old people holding Seder meals, or even hospitals. It is one thing, and a terrible thing, for an Israeli shell to accidentally kill innocent people, but quite another to deliberately kill the weakest and most precious and needy.
There is a culture of life and a cult of death at war in the Middle East, and if we do not see beyond fashionable politics and the perverse sacraments of modern leftist theology we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Palestinians deserve justice, but justice demands humanity.
By the way, this slaughter of innocents took place while publicly funded Canadian students were trying to silence and intimidate their opponents by holding Israel Apartheid Week. The irony bleeds, and so do the Fogels.
— Read Michael Coren’s blog at

NTS Notes:  As usual, we have our work cut out for us for getting the absolute truth out for everyone because we have these pro-zionist Jewish editorial writers who continue to spew pure lies.   Is it no wonder why the Canadian press cannot be trusted?

I especially love the part in this "editorial" where Michael Coren says he is proud to be a "Zionist"... Gee, Michael,  after all the proof is out now that it was ABSOLUTELY not a Palestinian that committed this crime, and here you go off on a rant screaming for the blood of non-existent Palestinian "Terrorists".... We would have never guessed!!!

Yes, Michael Coren, it was NOT a "terrorist" as you falsely claim in this article, but a pissed off Asian worker who committed the crime, and I guarantee that you know that is the truth.  However, you go right ahead and figure that because the Canadian public is only reading their Zionist Jewish controlled press and not aware of that truth, you can spew this article full of garbage and pure lies.

If any Canadian readers feel as pissed off as I am by this garbage, this ZIONIST Michael Coren guy can be reached via his stated email address. 

Will there be a retraction to this article full of lies?   I doubt it, because Canada is Zionist Jewish occupied territory, and the people here are kept fully in the dark.   It is only through the efforts of myself and others, that the truth can be told....

More to come



TruthSeeker said...

It is said, "If the head of the family is a drummer (tambourine player), then the members of the family must be dancers"

When the Prime Minister himself is a Zionist and a Jewish-ass licker, I won't be surprised that some Canadian journalists have sold their souls, too.

By the way, the Vancouver Sun and the Province media is owned by Jews.
Welcome to America!!!

Strangelove said...

Brilliant work here. Talk on this issue and many others at the following forum for all Christians who want to know the truth about whats going on and especially the zionist threat.