Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Murder Of 5 Illegal Israeli Settlers In Palestine Was NOT By A Palestinian!

While the nuclear disaster has been unfolding in Japan, we have also been subjected to the Zionist controlled media going overboard with the recent incident where 5 illegal Israeli settlers were killed in the illegal settlement of Itamar, in the occupied West Bank.  Since that murder took place on Saturday, March 12th, the Israelis have been screaming blue murder, and they have used that horrendous attack as their excuse for the immediate acceleration of their illegal settlement building in Palestinian territory, and using this murder as their excuse.  

But from the beginning something did not seem right with this incident.   There was no immediate reaction by Palestinian "radicals" to claim responsibility for that attack, and there was no follow up reports showing any evidence that it was a Palestinian that carried out the attack at all.  Something stunk to high heaven about this entire attack...

Well, now we have proof that the Israelis are not telling the truth about this incident, and are conveniently using this attack as a diabolical excuse for their long sought plan to continue swallowing up what is left of the West Bank, and ultimately eliminate the Palestinians once and for all..   According to this new article, courtesy of The Voice Of Palestine, at www.palestine-info.co.uk, it appears that the attacker was NOT Palestinian at all, but an ASIAN worker!   Here is that article:

Press report: Itamar culprit an Asian worker
[ 14/03/2011 - 08:41 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)-- An Asian worker is suspected of the murder of the Fogel family, a settler family from Itamar settlement near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, according to Palestinian press sources.

Quds Net news quoted local residents fro at infuriated with an Israeli settler for not paying him his wages carried out the killing of the settler's family in Itamar, Palestinian press sources reported.

Quds Net news agency on Monday quoted a Palestinian family from Awarta village next to the settlement as saying that Mr. Fogel refused to pay 10,000 shekels in wages which he owed an Asian worker he hired. The worker threatened to kill the settler and his family.

The worker is suspected of committing the crime after midnight Friday using a knife then fleeing the scene to nearby Palestinian villages, the report added.

It noted that the Israeli army knows of the information leading to the suspect  but refuse to announce or deal with it for political as well as security reasons.

Meanwhile, de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas condemned the murder crime in the strongest words, describing it as "despicable".

Speaking at an interview with radio Israel on Monday, Abbas pledged to extend all necessary assistance leading to unveiling the mystery of the crime, adding that he relayed this position to Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu in a telephone conversation on Saturday shortly after the crime was reported.

He also invited Israel and the USA to discuss with his authority in Ramallah the curriculums being studied in Palestinian schools in the West Bank to make sure that they do not contain any "incitement".

Abbas, however, failed to mention the Israeli settlers' unruly behavior and the army's collective punishment against Palestinian in Nablus villages following the crime despite the fact that no concrete evidence was found incriminating any Palestinian party in the act.

NTS Notes:  Readers, the Zionist Jewish controlled press is still going overboard with the now proven absolutely fictitious claim that it was the PALESTINIANS that carried out that horrendous act of murder.  They have had their propaganda articles sent out to the entire world screaming: "The Palestinians are terrorists"! and "Look at what they are doing to poor little Israel".   The result has been little opposition around the world against their push for more illegal settlement building!

Now we know the truth.... This Asian worker was not paid his dues for his work performed for this family of illegal settlers, and he sought ultimate revenge against them... By killing the entire family!

OK.. So why is the world sitting idly by and allowing Israel to continue to make false accusations against the Palestinians and use false claims against these innocent people for them to accelerate the swallowing up of what is left of Palestine?  It again appears that these criminal "chosen people" have found another in the long line of their convenient excuses, for them to distort, lie, cheat, and steal....

Again it is up to us, the bloggers, to get the real truth out about that incident in Palestine.   Innocent lives are indeed at stake here....Those of the Palestinians!

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