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More Exposure Of The Faking Of Space Flights.. New Report: Soviet Union Lied About 1961 Yuri Gagarin Space Flight

OK, readers.. I will state something that is absolutely the truth, and what I have been stating right here in this blog for quite some time... Man has never walked on the Moon.   The entire Apollo space missions that supposedly put men on the Moon from 1969-1972 never ever put men on the moon, and actually never put men higher than approximately 400 miles in low Earth orbit.   The simple fact is that they could not go any higher due to the intense deadly radiation from the Van Allen Radiation belts.  In the 1960's scientists and experts at NASA knew that they could not solve the radiation shielding problem, so the US government launched a clandestine operation where the entire Apollo "Man on the Moon" missions would be FAKED.

The entire Apollo program was a fraud, a massive hoax, and a propaganda stunt, done for Cold War prestige by the United States in their battle for technological "superiority" against the Soviets, and for giving the American public something to have pride in at a time when their government was embroiled in a lost war in Vietnam and people were losing confidence in their own government.   Pride is a valuable psychological weapon indeed!

The fact that we never put men on the moon does not sit well with a lot of people.   Why is quite simple.  Pride drives people to have faith in something that they have been programmed through the false education system to believe in most of their lives.  To suddenly find out that what has been taught to be true turns out to be a lie definitely does not sit will with most people.  However, knowing now that our education system is full of lies, and that governments have a knack for constantly lying, may finally enable people to awaken to the reality that what they have believed about space missions most of their lives is also a pack of lies!

For this article, I want to focus on a new revelation that has come forward from the Telegraph out of the UK, at, where a new book that is coming out on the 50th anniversary of the alleged Yuri Gagarin space flight of 1961 states that the Soviet Union LIED about his 1961 space flight.  I have that article here, with more notes to follow:

Soviet Union lied about 1961 Yuri Gagarin space mission

Soviet officials lied about the success of Yuri Gagarin's historic 1961 flight into space and covered up the fact that he had landed more than 200 miles away from where they were expecting him, a new book discloses.

Soviet Union lied about 1961 Yuri Gagarin space mission
A new book revealed that scientists twice miscalculated where Yuri Gagarin would land Photo: 

 4:37PM BST 30 Mar 2011

The Soviet Union held up his mission, the first manned flight into space, as a major Cold War propaganda coup, portraying it as a glitch-free triumph of Communist ideology.
However, a new book published on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of Gagarin's famous flight has revealed that scientists twice miscalculated where he would land which is why there was nobody there to meet him when he finally touched down some 500 miles south of Moscow.
"For many years Soviet literature claimed that Yuri Gagarin and his Vostok landing capsule had come down in the area it was supposed to," according to the book, titled 108 Minutes That Changed the World.
"(But) this information was far from the truth," it added, saying Soviet space planners had been expecting him to land almost 250 miles further to the south. "So it turned out that nobody was waiting or looking for Yuri Gagarin. Therefore the first thing he had to do after landing was set off to look for people and communications so he could tell the leadership where he was."
The Soviets lied too about the manner of his landing, claiming that he had touched down
 inside the capsule itself when in actual fact he landed separately via parachute. The reason 
they lied, said the book, was to skirt strict rules that would have prevented them from officially 
registering the flight as a world record. The book, by the Russian journalist Anton Pervushin,
 published a touching letter Gagarin wrote to his family before the mission in which he 
pondered his own mortality, telling his wife not to "die of grief" if he never returned.
He said he hoped that they would never have cause to read his words.
"But sometimes people slip on even ground and break their neck," he wrote. "Something could also happen here. If it does I ask you Valyusha (affectionate name for his wife) not to die of grief. After all life is life and there is no guarantee for anybody that tomorrow a car might not end ones life." His decision to pen a farewell letter was understandable. In 1957, Soviet scientists had sent a stray dog called Laika into space only to see her die within hours from overheating. Gagarin's wife finally got to read his emotional letter in 1968 after his tragic death at the age of just 34 in a mysterious plane crash.

NTS Notes:  I am waiting for the time that the revelation finally comes out that the entire Yuri Gagarin "man in orbit" mission in 1961 may have been faked.   There is strong evidence that has come out thanks to research that shows that Yuri Gagarin himself never actually went into orbit, but was selected and christened by the Soviets to be used for pure propaganda as their "hero".

This is indeed an interesting revelation on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's alleged space flight.  The fact is that both the Soviets and the Americans lied through their teeth about many of their so called space missions, and now thanks to the Internet and close research, the truth may finally come out for all to see.

For those who still stick to their belief in Apollo, I have one major question:  If we were able to get to the Moon with the inferior technology of the 1960's, then why have we not returned today with the superior technology that we have now?   And don't give me the crap about expenses, or no reason to go back...

I want to ask those who stick to their beliefs in Apollo being real to just take the time and look at the following article from, where Jack White does some expose on the photographic evidence of Apollo.   What you will see may shock you.  Here is that article's link:

It has been a while since I talked about the absolutely faked Apollo moon missions.    To those who have been wondering:  I never left, and more articles will be coming... Stay tuned....

More to come



Anonymous said...

great stuff on the nasa lies, all one really needs to do is look at the pics and its apparent they are faked over and over

Anonymous said...

There are persons who have worked at NASA who ardently believe in the authenticity of the moon landings. One has a web news site whose specialty has been in virtual computer graphics, a technological skill I think NASA would have found quite useful. Since his belief is so intense, not like adhering to a complex deception, I have wondered if he -- and others--were possibly mind-control programmed to not just believe the moon landings happened, but that they were actual participants in the program. We have all seen old videos of the control center and all those men tuned in and watching the screens. At that time it was current news. That was a whole lot of people to be in on a series of supposed astronaut blast-offs and moon trips. If all the into space and up to the moon flights were faked, those have been very complex deceptions, and a whole lot of people to keep silent about it. Australia was involved in tracking the US moon shots/landings, too?

Anonymous said...

Thought I would do some web search for more hoax info. One site I found is almost book length in info, but includes many of the same faked pics anlayzed. One piece of nfo stated that NASA's launch control and mission control were in separate locations to enable deceiving NASA techs.
Wagging the Moondoggie
Series on Apollo and NASA and Russian
Space program deceptions

Even today there is no way to ensure that the info NASA releases is actually true about their space adventures and exploration. Considering how events on earth are so bad, getting to the moon doesn't seem so important. But is there now the reality of military, earth-orbit attacks on nations and orbitting satellites being done remotely and by astronauts?

Anonymous said...

Shortly after I posted this site
Wagging the Moondoggie

It became inaccessible. That was fast, and why? There was much more information posted there than just about the Apollo moon hoax. The web watchers must have found info there that they were not aware of before and didn't want available any more.

Arthur Boyd said...

It’s interesting to note that Apollo propagandists try to launch a Gagarin hoax on the Russian Internet forums, in desperate attempt to counterstrike and help defending Apollo, but every time unsuccessfully. Nobody wants to discuss this topic on forums and those topics die in archives. And on the contrary Moon hoax topics never die unless they are closed or killed by NASA-paid forum moderators.
Here is the real space traveller who went into space before Gagarin. Meet Ivan Ivanovich: March 9, 1961 the first launch of a new series of spacecraft, called "3KA". Having made one orbit, mock astronaut "Ivan Ivanovich" safely landed for the first time.

And bonus material. If you up for some psychology test, here are 2 interviews: one of a proven liar and one a suspect. Note that the proven one is rather tense, always looks down and to the right which means that he is in control and likely follows the script. And the other one seems to be more relaxed smiles a lot and when it comes to his memories he looks up which means that he is visualizing his memories as we would do asked about our past experience.