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Is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Mossad? (Part II)

Much has happened since I posted an article last week stating that the founder of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg, is either a Mossad agent, or an agent working closely for Mossad (Sayanim).   These facts were presented by the writer Roy Tov, and originally publiished over at the website: Revolt Of The Plebs.

Now comes the followup to that first article from Roy Tov, and again available over at Revolt Of The Plebs, at   I have that article right here for my own readers to view, and some of the evidence presented will again shock you:

Is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Mossad? (PART II)

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A few days ago I published an article named Is Zuckerberg Mossad? It was cited even by the forums of the Russian Pravda. The article analyzed Mark Zuckerberg and concluded that he is probably a “sayan” of the Mossad. “Sayanim” (“helpers” in Hebrew) are people that provide help to Mossad operations. Usually they belong to Jewish communities. The activities of Facebook and the way Zuckerberg stole the basic technology and the initial database of the company, point out at an intelligence services operation. Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor the Mossad complained about my claim. Not even one reader did so. That probably means it is safe to assume the claim is true: Mark Zuckerberg is a sayan of the Mossad.

In the same article I made a general claim: “Mossad wanted to get formal access technology. It is useful for monitoring and controlling social networks.” However, I didn’t elaborate since it wasn’t directly related to the topic. Today, I want to explain why Facebook is so important to Mossad in greater detail.

Ostrovsky had Ksharim

“Vitamin P” is what we called that in the kibbutz. The “P” stood for “protection;” if you didn’t have Vitamin P, you couldn’t advance in the Israeli society. Yet, a more common term is “ksharim.” This is the plural of “kesher” which means “knot,” “link,” “connection,” or “bond” (see verse at bottom). Having “ksharim” means being well-connected, but not only that. Victor Ostrovsky enriched our definition of this term in an unexpected way.

Victor Ostrovsky was a recently graduated katza (case officer) of the Mossad when he was forced out of this criminal organization. He then wrote a book called By Way of Deception, which became a New York Times bestseller in 1990.

What are the values of this organization? I have no intention to nag my readers with the meaning of Hebrew words, but some insight may be achieved by looking at the Mossad’s motto(s). Mossad’s former motto was taken from Proverbs 24:6 “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.” The new one is from Proverbs 11:14 “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” In the English translation of the Hebrew text it is difficult to realize that only one word is repeated in both verses: “tahbulot” (the “h” is pronounced like the “ch” in “loch”). This means the people of that organization consider this word the heart and soul of the motto and – consequently – of their organization. How is that soul? Most Hebrew words are constructed upon a root of three consonants. In the case of “tahbulot” the root is H.B.L. which roughly means “disrupt.” The emphasis is on a bad disruption; not “Please sir, stop for ten minutes and have a coffee with me,” but the dropping of hot coffee on someone in order to force a break. “Tahbulot” may be translated as “disrupting tricks.” “With disrupting tricks you shall make war” is a good translation of the first motto, while the new one begins with “without disrupting tricks the people shall fall…” Moreover, a word derived from the same root is used for “terrorist,” namely “mehabel” (note the appearance of the same root H.B.L in the word). In other words, the Mossad defines itself as a terrorist organization specializing in disrupting tricks. This is extraordinary. Many years before Justice Goldstone and the Human Rights Commission of the UN defined Israel as a terrorist organization, Israel did it by itself. Simply, most people don’t read Hebrew.

Thus, Mark Zuckerberg admitted being a thieve and Mossad is widely recognized as a terror organization. What’s the “kesher” (link) to our topic? In his book, Victor Ostrovsky describes how during his training at Glilot (Mossad Headquarters just north of Tel Aviv) he was given a class at the operation of a software called “Ksharim” (links). Running on an old mainframe computer it kept track of the “links” persons of interest to the Mossad have. He describes how he typed “Arafat” and got the computer running for hours, displaying all the known acquaintances of Arafat, times and places of encounters and additional data. Facebook is almost the civilian parallel of “Ksharim.”

Why is Facebook so important to Mossad? Because it makes life easier for them; Facebook is the accountant in the metaphor given at the beginning of this article. Facebook collects data from all its customers email accounts (the lawyers in the same metaphor). It shows many of the personal links (“ksharim”) of its members and can make intelligent guesses on possible off-line links. This last characteristic is important because often we contact our most significant relations exclusively off-line. Thus, Facebook is an invaluable tool for an intelligence-terror organization.

Having clarified that, is there anything to add? Of course, one can use Facebook, but keeping important relations out of it. Fill the system with the names and data of your postman, milkman, shoe-shiner and all their relatives, friends and pets. Let Mark Zuckerberg and Tamir Pardo bury themselves under the weight of their own “knots.”

NTS Notes:  The fact is that Facebook recently censored and pulled a Facebook page asking people to support the Palestinians in a new uprising against their Israeli oppressors.   That alone should have given people the proof positive that Facebook is a tool being used by the Israeli Mossad for surveillance and information gathering on all of its users!

Again, readers, I do highly recommend that if you do have a Facebook account to close it immediately.  These criminals are using these social networks for spying and for gathering information on people.   As I stated before, people are gullible enough to put up personal information on these sites without proper knowledge that they are unwittingly supplying these criminals with information for free that would have taken them years to obtain by other methods!

I have never trusted Facebook and this Mark Zuckerberg character, and I never will.  Now I have evidence that supports my claims.  I hope that others can finally see my points.

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Funny. I saw in his face (picture of) not friendliness, but the look of a guilty dog.
There's something penetratingly creepy about him. Even on Saturday Night Live he was creepy. Like a criminal.