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Canadian Government Falls, But No Matter Who Gets "Elected", The Zionist Jewish Grip Will Not End!

As I have stated already, readers, I have been taking more time in the last while for rest and relaxation.   I have not abandoned this blog by no means, but articles may not be appearing daily, as I have tried in the past, due to the need to recharge my batteries.  Fear not, though, I will be back to my old self very shortly....

In the meantime, I want to try to keep up on current events happening around the world, and the best place to start is right here in Canada, where as of Friday, the Zionist Jewish controlled government under the shill, Stephen Harper, has officially collapsed due to its outright corruption.   A non-confidence vote was long overdue.   For some details on what exactly happened to bring down the Canadian federal government, I want to turn to an article from the website,, for my readers to view right here.  I have some of my own views on what will happen in the upcoming "election" in a few comments that will follow:

Canadian Government Collapses; Held in Contempt of Parliament

by Jordan Yerman | March 25, 2011 at 08:38 am

Stephen Harper's Government Collapses: No-Confidence Measure Passes [Updated]
Canada's opposition parties have voted on a motion of no confidence in Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government on March 25. Aside from the vote of no confidence, House also passed a measure holding the Harper Government in contempt of Parliament for refusing to share legislation information.
Stephen Harper's government has collapsed, and Canadians will vote for a new government in May. This is the first time in Canada's history that a government has been held in contempt of Parliament.

All 156 members of the Liberals, National Democrats and Bloc Quebecois It all came down to money: Harper (widely characterized as an out-of-touch egomaniac) has chosen widely unpopular things on which to spend Canadian money, and his opponents saw an opportunity to kick him out of Ottawa. Things like renaming the entire Canadian government after himself didn't help his image.
Led by Michael Ignatieff (who will face opposition from NDP leader and John Lock lookalike Jack Leyton in May), the opposition is delivering what was in the post for a long time: remember, Harper saved his party's collective butt in 2008 by proroguing Parliament, which served only to turn more of the Canadian people against him: it was a selfish move by all accounts, and it was not-so-quietly added to the tally of reasons why he has so few friends in the halls of Parliament: he just didnt' seem to care what anybody else thought, not the public nor other elected officials.
That image of a Prime Minister living in a bubble has finally led to Harper's undoing.
Stephen Harper's Conservatives 'In Contempt of Parliament'
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff tweeted his intentions on his way to the House of Commons, and then repeated those words once he arrived.

NTS Notes:  Ok, here it is in a nutshell for my fellow Canadian readers my own points of view on the nature of Canadian politics, and the upcoming "election".  

Right now, the Conservative government under Stephen Harper is totally under the control of Zionist Jewish interests in Canada.  It is a fact that Stephen Harper has long pledged his undying support for the criminal state of Israel above and beyond the needs of the people of Canada.  That alone is treason, and the major reason why Canadians absolutely should not vote for this shill.    The real danger lies in if this clown ever gets a majority of the seats in the Parliament in Ottawa, and then their government will bring in their long sought laws to further strangle free speech in this nation, including their push for laws to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel!

Now the situation with the Liberal Party of Canada is absolutely no better.  Their leader, Michael Ignatieff is a bought and paid for shill working for the Rothschild banking interests,  the IMF.  He has been selected by these criminals to be the so called "opposition" in the Federal government.   He also is a massive advocate of the phoney "Climate Change" crowd, and if elected would definitely bring in the absolutely abhorring and ridiculous Carbon Taxes that Canadians absolutely do not need!   Therefore, voting for this clown is just as bad as voting for Harper.

Now we have Jack Layton.  This man is the leader of the Left wing New Democratic Party (NDP), and has fought for the NDP in the last 3 straight federal elections, and has failed to either form the government, or become the official opposition.   The ideas of this party are considered radical, and are riddled with concepts that call for high taxes and extreme spending on social programs.   Right now with the ongoing downturn in the Canadian economy, this type of spending is definitely not needed in Canada.   Therefore, because of this party's policies, in spite of the seemingly likeable Jack Layton, they will never be able to form the government.   Is the NDP under the control of Zionist Jewish interests as well?   Lets just say that just as in American politics, you cannot get elected here in Canada, unless you show your allegiance to Israel first as well, so the answer would be definitely Yes!

Then we have the separatist Bloc Quebecois, led by Gilles Duceppe, based solely on their twisted goal of having the province of Quebec separate from the rest of Canada and form its own "nation".   The fact is that these clowns and traitors have used this type of criminal antic for decades now as a method of blackmail, and for bleeding the Canadian citizens for Federal tax money for their province alone.    I have always said that they are nothing more than traitors to the nation of Canada and should all be in jail.  However because of the quirkiness of Canadian politics, these traitors are able to sit in the parliament in Ottawa as part of the government opposition!   They can never form the Federal government, but continue to get large support from the gullible people of the province of Quebec.

So, my fellow Canadians, there really is not much of a choice for forming the next government in Canada when you cast your vote in early May.  You can vote for the Zionist Jewish controlled government of Stephen Harper, or you can vote for the Zionist Jewish controlled Liberal Party of Michael Ignatieff... Or even take a shot at voting for the Zionist Jewish controlled New Democratic Party under Jack Layton!  Wow, a tough choice... Criminal A, Criminal B, or Criminal C...  The bottom line: Anyway you decide,  Israel wins again, and Canadians lose....

My recommendation for my fellow Canadians... When these politicians come knocking on your door and asking for your vote...Ask them flat out what their thoughts are, and what their party's policies are, concerning the actions of the state of Israel, and its treatment of the Palestinians.... If they say that they support Israel, then you have your answer....Never vote for those who blindly or ignorantly support actions of evil against humanity!

I will be watching what unfolds in this election race, and will post up important material here as it becomes available... Stay tuned!

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