Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bleeding The US Taxpayers Again: Criminal Ehud Barak Says Israel May "Seek" (Demand) Another 20 BILLION Dollars In US Defense "Aid"!

I really do hate harping the same message again and again, but facts are facts.... Israel controls the United States of America, and its entire foreign policies.    There is absolutely nothing that the US Government will not do for their beloved criminal state of Israel, at the expense of the American public!

Well, here comes another example of how much Israel controls America.  According to this article from the Jerusalem Post, at www.jpost.com, the criminal Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, will "request" another 20 BILLION DOLLARS in US defense "aid" from the United States.      
This is indeed sickening to behold, but here are the sordid details here for my own readers to view:

Barak: Israel may seek additional $20b. in US defense aid

Defense minister in interview: Aid will be used to guard from potential threats in light of changes, upheaval in MidEast.

Israel may seek an additional $20 billion in US security assistance to help guard from the potential threats that could develop in light of recent changes occurring in the Middle East, the Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the Wall Street Journal in an interviewpublished Tuesday.

Barak added that Israel should not fear the regional changes, or risk the opportunity to make potential concessions to the Palestinians for peace.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Barak reinstated fears in Israel that Egypt's new leadership could teeter away from agreements made in the 1979 peace treaty, and that Iran and Syria may not succumb to the moderating factors in the Arab world that are bringing "Arab societies towards modernity."

The defense minister, speaking on Iran, said it was too early to tell whether or not the Islamic Republic was exploiting the regional upheaval to its benefit, adding that before the revolts Arab leaders were already "starting to hedge their bets on who is the strongest leader here, Iran or the United States."

Defense analysts reported that Israel spends roughly nine percent of its gross national product on defense, capping $17 billion this year, of which US aid is $3 billion. While Israel faces no immediate threat, Barak told the Wall Street Journal, it would have to increase spending in the long-term.

Barak mentioned that he had spoken with Egypt's chief of the military council 
Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who replacedHosni Mubarak last month, and told him that the two countries shared responsibility "to avoid that our young people fight again." A different Egyptian leader, however, whom Barak did not name, said that Israel could expect a different attitude from the Egyptian government if Israel did not actively pursue peace with the Palestinians.

The defense minister told the 
Wall Street Journal that the Egyptian authority "told me 'We're going to have a really open election....Civic parties will hire advisers from the US and Europe and find immediately that what can bring them voters is hostility to America and Israel.'"

NTS Notes:  Ok, this is beyond ridiculous.  Right now the American economy is in total shambles and disarray with people living in the streets, or in tent cities, and these criminals will bleed the American public for another 20 BILLION dollars so they can use it to destroy their neighbouring countries?   When the hell will the American public finally wake the hell up?

But I guarantee that the Israeli slaves in the US Congress will go right ahead and give this money to Israel.  It is a case again that what ever their masters in Tel Aviv want, they get!  

When will this madness end?

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TruthSeeker said...

It will not end until there is a revolution unlike Tunisia's or Cairo's but a bloody French-like uprising where the heads of the elite get chopped in a public square.

Sorry for my aggressiveness! I have had it and cannot find any other alternative.

I hope it won't reach that point.

GulfBluePlague said...

We the People owe these parasites
nothing. If Congress wants to
give Israhell 20 million to slaughter innocents, let them
withdraw it from their central
bank accounts.