Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Great Video: Piers Corbyn Tells It Exactly Like It Is....All Nuclear Reactors Are Nuclear Bombs

I have already put up a fabulous article by Piers Corbyn, that gives a very logical and rational explanation as to what most probably has caused the horrific earthquake that struck Japan on Friday, March 11th, 2011.    I do recommend that new readers to this blog take the time to explore the information provided in that article.... Here is the link:

Now, I want to present the latest video by Piers Corbyn that gives a very good explanation of events that are presently taking place, including a rational explanation for what is happening in Japan with its reactors at Fukushima in meltdown, as well as giving his points of view on other subjects, such as the Arab uprisings, and Global Warming!  This video is entitled: "Piers Corbyn All Reactors Are Nuclear Bombs" and I have it right here in its entirety, with some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  In spite of Piers Corbyn doing some work with the master of disinformation, Alex Jones, I do like the logical and rational explanations that he puts forward.

I especially love the way that Piers continues to slam the Global Warming fraudsters, and the entire scam for what it really is.... I and others have been pushing for a long time for people to wake up and realize that the entire Global Warming scheme was created for evil greed and profits.

There is one factor that people must realize about nuclear reactors for power... These devices cannot explode like nuclear bombs, simply because the material used in their reactions is not pure enough to create the massive destructive explosive power of true nuclear bombs.  However, and by what we are presently seeing in Japan, they do indeed explode and throw massive amounts of radioactive contaminants, and very high levels of radiation, into the atmosphere.   Simply put, nuclear power plant reactors can be equated in some ways with nuclear bombs, but in proper operation using slower and more "controlled" nuclear reactions.   

Again, I and others, are keeping a close eye on what is truly happening in Japan.... We can only hope that the massive explosions at the Fukushima nuclear facility are not as severe as some have speculated.  The worst case scenario could make parts of Japan uninhabitable for thousands of years!

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