Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Airstrikes Against Libyan Civilians Did Not Take Place... Media Lies Again!

Readers... Here is a bit of true history... Back in 1990, shortly after the Iraqis invaded Kuwait, primarily thanks in getting the approval for the invasion from the United States Government itself through the devious work of April Glaspie, we had a startling report put forward across all of the world media sources of Iraqi soldiers going into Kuwaiti hospitals and murdering babies right in their incubators!  

At the time of the "revelation" that Iraqi soldiers were "killing babies in incubators", no one bothered to pay attention to the fact that the so called "nurse" that was making the false accusations was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States, and that when she made the accusation directly in front of a US congressional board, for a Kuwaiti "nurse" she spoke perfect articulate english!  Gee, what are the odds????

Now, on February 22nd, 2011, we have had the revelation from all of the world media sources that the Libyan leader, Mohammar Ghadaffi, had ordered his own air force to bomb and fire upon the people of Libya taking part in the uprising against his government...  At the time, everyone was appalled by this murderous act, and nobody questioned its validity....

But just yesterday, came new reports thanks to Russia Today, that the Russian military that has been closely monitoring the activities in Libya, and found absolutely NO evidence of any Libyan air strikes against the people of Libya on February 22nd, or since....I want to present the Russia Today video clip that shows this startling evidence right here for my own readers to view:

NTS Notes:  So it seems that history is again repeating itself... Back in 1990, the false "murdering babies in incubators" report was used as pure propaganda to persuade the US Congress to vote in favor for war with Iraq.  Now it seems that the media is at it again, only luckily it was caught red handed before it could swing public support into a new war against Libya.

I for one am not a supporter of Ghadaffi in the least bit.  I am however definitely against falsely vilifying anyone by promoting this type of lie.   This only shows again that you absolutely cannot trust the mainstream media!

It does make you wonder, though....What was the purpose of this propaganda....Was it to be used to get the United States involved in a ground war in Libya?   That seems to be the logical conclusion.....

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