Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The World May Be Rising Up In Revolt! Criminal Solution: Roll Out Phoney "Al Qaeda" Again !

The criminal state of Israel, and their puppets in Canda, the United States, and western Europe are definitely watching the events in Egypt with growing uneasiness.... The fact is that this revolt may be the start of a greater revolt against the power of the Zionist Jewish worldwide empire!  Therefore these criminals are now scrambling to come up with solutions to quell any more popular uprisings, and bring their slaves back under control.

Well, according to this new article, by an online news service called "The Province", at, the criminals in control of our province are again trying their favorite routine of scaring the public back into submission by rolling out their phoney "Al Qaead" as a psychological weapon of fear!   Here is that article:

'Al-Qaida on brink of using nuclear bomb'


Al-Qaida members participate in military training in Afghanistan in this file photo.

Al-Qaida members participate in military training in Afghanistan in this file photo.

Photograph by: Agence France-Presse Files, National Post, With Files From News Services

Al-Qaida is on the verge of producing radioactive weapons after sourcing nuclear material and recruiting rogue scientists to build "dirty" bombs, according to leaked diplomatic documents.

A leading atomic regulator has privately warned that the world stands on the brink of a "nuclear 9/11".

Security briefings suggest that jihadi groups are also close to producing "workable and efficient" biological and chemical weapons that could kill thousands if unleashed in attacks on the West.

Thousands of classified American cables obtained by the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph detail the international struggle to stop the spread of weapons-grade nuclear, chemical and biological material around the globe.
At a Nato meeting in January 2009, security chiefs briefed member states that al-Qaida was plotting a program of "dirty radioactive IEDs", makeshift nuclear roadside bombs that could be used against British troops in Afghanistan.

As well as causing a large explosion, a "dirty bomb" attack would contaminate the area for many years.

The briefings also state that al-Qaida documents found in Afghanistan in 2007 revealed that "greater advances" had been made in bioterrorism than was previously realized. An Indian national security adviser told American security personnel in June 2008 that terrorists had made a "manifest attempt to get fissile material" and "have the technical competence to manufacture an explosive device beyond a mere dirty bomb".

Alerts about the smuggling of nuclear material, sent to Washington from foreign U.S. embassies, document how criminal and terrorist gangs were trafficking large amounts of highly radioactive material across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
The alerts explain how customs guards at remote border crossings used radiation alarms to identify and seize cargoes of uranium and plutonium.

Freight trains were found to be carrying weapons-grade nuclear material across the Kazakhstan-Russia border, highly enriched uranium was transported across Uganda by bus, and a "small time hustler" in Lisbon offered to sell radioactive plates stolen from Chernobyl.

In one incident in September 2009, two employees at the Rossing Uranium Mine in Namibia smuggled almost half a ton of uranium concentrate powder - yellowcake - out of the compound in plastic bags.

"Acute safety and security concerns" were even raised in 2008 about the uranium and plutonium laboratory of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the nuclear safety watchdog.

Tomihiro Taniguchi, the deputy director general of the IAEA, has privately warned America that the world faces the threat of a "nuclear 9/11" if stores of uranium and plutonium were not secured against terrorists.

But diplomats visiting the IAEA's Austrian headquarters in April 2008 said that there was "no way to provide perimeter security" to its own laboratory because it has windows that leave it vulnerable to break-ins.

Senior British defence officials have raised "deep concerns" that a rogue scientist in the Pakistani nuclear program "could gradually smuggle enough material out to make a weapon", according to a document detailing official talks in London in February 2009.

Agricultural stores of deadly biological pathogens in Pakistan are also vulnerable to "extremists" who could use supplies of anthrax, foot and mouth disease and avian flu to develop lethal biological weapons.

Anthrax and other biological agents including smallpox, and avian flu could be sprayed from a shop-bought aerosol can in a crowded area, leaked security briefings warn.

The security of the world's only two declared smallpox stores in Atlanta, America, and Novosibirsk, Russia, has repeatedly been called into doubt by "a growing chorus of voices" at meetings of the World Health Assembly documented in the leaked cables.

The alarming disclosures come after Barack Obama, the U.S. president, last year declared nuclear terrorism "the single biggest threat" to international security with the potential to cause "extraordinary loss of life".

NTS Notes:  Again these criminals are thinking that when all else fails, scare their slaves back into submission with fear courtesy of their favorite phoney terrorist group!

The fact is we are no longer fooled... And can see through this twisted game.  Everyone must be aware by now that Al Qaeda is totally bogus and an invention of the Israelis and the Americans for their just as phoney "War on Terror"!

One very important note: The only thing that might give this article some credence is the fact that the Mossad still has in its possession 2 South African nuclear weapons that it stole during the secretive and clandestine transfer of 10 South African built nuclear weapons in 1991 from South Africa itself to British officials in Dubai. That theft of originally 3 nuclear weapons has been verified by the explosion of one of these devices in North Korea in 2008, leaving 2 nuclear weapons still in the hands of these criminals!  There is still the fear that sometime in the future these criminals may explode one of these devices in an American city and claim that it was their phoney "Al Qaeda" that did the deed.   Be warned....

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

OMGosh. I would be shakin in my boots by now. Oh dear, NTS. Within the first few lines I found so many holes! First.. "File photo" with a few too many credits to make it look valid. How many people ever notice the words "file photo" anyhow?

Everything is weak. No names for anyone, nothing traceable to check on.

"If unleashed in the west"... er what about the east? And every horror they name, America and Izrahell have done in spades in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine...

I just could not read any more.... bad me.

I guess EL-CIA-DUH will just shoot me or gas me while I sleep huh?

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mary sullivan said...

not a comment, a news story for Canada
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