Friday, February 11, 2011

While World Attention Has Been Focused On Egypt, Israel Has Committed War Crimes Against Gaza!

We have all been watching over all the media outlets for the last 18 days the events that have been unfolding in Egypt.   Few people are unaware that while Egypt has been in uprising, the Israelis have used that diversion to further isolate and bomb the concentration camp called the Gaza Strip.   In some cases the Israeli bombings have been horrendous actions that are both war crimes, and serious crimes against humanity!

To emphasize the crimes that Israel has been committing against the people of Gaza, I want to turn to this important video that comes courtesy of Ken O'Keefe, freedom fighter, peace activist, and writer for Veterans Today.   This video shows clear evidence of Israel attacking and bombing a Medical Facility in Gaza on February 8th, 2011.    Here is that video, readers, and it is shocking:

NTS Notes:  I have checked into what is considered as a war crime, and this attack on a proven medical facility does fall into that catagory.  It is my hope that this video opens some peoples' eyes to the atrocities committed by Israel against Gaza.

So what is to be done about Israel's indiscriminate attacks on the trapped people of Gaza?   Guaranteed there will be nothing done until while after world attention diverts away from the Egyptian crisis.   In the meantime, Israel will continue to bomb and kill the innocent civilians in Gaza with impunity!

Now that Egypt is (hopefully) free, we can turn our attention towards the war crimes that are continuing to be committed by Israel.    That time is long overdue....

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