Saturday, February 5, 2011

New David Duke Video: The Real Rogue Nuclear State

With the Revolution still ongoing in Egypt, many American politicians, including John McCain, have suddenly been calling for America to either support Israel in an immediate attack on Iran, or to take the "initiative" so to speak, and attack Iran themselves!   It is so amazing to watch these shills change gears and try to take some of the focus away from their failing American puppet dictatorship in Egypt!

Ok, so what about Iran?  I and others have already stated that Iran is absolutely not a threat to anyone.  It has NO nuclear weapons, and has absolutely no plans to ever build or use them.  It has not attacked anyone in over a thousand years, and is not a threat to any of its neighbouring countries.   The only nation that perceives it as a threat is the criminal state of Israel, who obviously wants to eliminate Iran as any potential threat to their long sought hegemony over the entire Middle East, and they would gladly demand their American slave puppets in the US Government to send American soldiers to fight and die for this twisted and very sick dream.

To emphasize key points, and the absolute truth about exactly who the real rogue nuclear state is in the world today, I want to present the newest video by Dr. David Duke, entitled: "The Real Rogue Nuclear State" right here for my own readers to view:

NTS Notes:  As I have stated many times...David Duke is absolutely correct in all of his assertions as to exactly who is the true evil on the planet today....

Many people around the world are still blinded by their controlled media outlets from the real facts that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, and would use them in their insane "Samson Option" if they are ever threatened with their own demise.    You will never see these facts over any of the American or Canadian networks, definitely!

Again, lets get the truth out to everyone about Iran and the real rogue criminal, and absolutely NUCLEAR, state of Israel.   It is more imperative than ever that everyone is aware of these facts, because as I stated before, the United States and Israel are once again hell bent on getting their criminal and unjust war against Iran going sooner than later!   

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