Thursday, February 24, 2011

Israel Losing Its Grip On Gaza? Quick, Have Gazan "Militants" Launch A Phoney Rocket Attack Into Israel!

Since the Egyptian "revolution" earlier this month, there has been much speculation as to when the Egyptian authorities would officially open the border with the Gaza Strip, and allow full aid convoys to again flow freely into Gaza itself.    Well, news came out just a few days ago, that Egypt was officially opening up the border crossings with Gaza later this week!   Guaranteed, this breaking of the siege of Gaza will not sit well with the evil Israelis, and they may try yet try something devious to prevent aid from reaching the starving citizens of Gaza itself!

Well, lo and behold, it appears that the Israelis may have found their method of preventing aid from reaching the people of the Gaza Strip itself.   According to this article from Haaretz, at, Gaza "militants" have just launched a new "rocket attack" from the strip into Israel itself!   And just by a "coincidence", considering that the aid convoys are about to roll, this happened just at the nick of time!  Here is that Haaretz article:

Latest update 21:54 23.02.11

Gaza militants fire missile at Be'er Sheva for first time since Gaza war

One Grad missile hit building in residential area, causing damage; no casualties reported; Palestinians report Israeli air strike retaliation, wounding two Islamic Jihad militants.

By Yanir Yagna, Gili Cohen and Natasha Mozgovaya

Grad rockets were fired at the southern Israeli city of Be'er Sheva on Wednesday, several hours after the Israel Defense Forces fired at a group of militants on the Gaza border, wounding 11.
Palestinian sources reported that the Israel Air Force retaliated late Wednesday with an airstrike in eastern Gaza City, wounding three Islamic Jihad militants. The IDF confirmed the airstrike.

The IDF reportedly carried out additional retaliation later Wednesday night, launching airstrikes in multiple other locations along the Gaza Strip against militants.
Two Grad rockets were reportedly fired at Be'er Sheva on Wednesday evening, but so far only one missile is known to have landed in the city, which hit a building in a residential area of the city, causing damage, marking the first time Be'er Sheva was hit since the Gaza war in 2009.
"We heard a noise which sounded like very strong wind, but then we heard the Red Color alert. All of the students ran to the staircase, and we heard the explosion. We still don't know where the Grad fell," a student at Ben-Gurion University told Haaretz.
So far there are no reports of casualties as a result of the strike, but several people suffered from anxiety and received medical treatment.
During Operation Cast Lead in 2009, several rockets were fired at Be'er Sheva and two people were seriously wounded, including a seven-year-old boy.
Meron Reuben, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, sent a letter to the President of the Security Council, Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, Wednesday, imploring the UN to condemn the attack.
Reuben said in the letter that the attacks represent a clear escalation of terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip. He further noted that such attacks constitute a clear violation of international law, and must be addressed with the utmost seriousness.
Reuben's letter was prompted by a statement issued by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who called on the UN to condemn the attacks and "not be apathetic to such a blatant act of terror".
A spokesperson for the Be'er Sheva municipality announced that school would not be canceled in light of the attack, encouraging residents to be on the alert and listen to instructions when necessary.

NTS Notes:  Wow, talk about timing, indeed!   Aid convoys are about to go to Gaza through Egypt, and now with this "rocket attack", the Israelis have their newest excuse to again shut the borders, and conduct another brutal attack on the innocent people of Gaza!

I have always stated that these so called "rocket" attacks are totally bogus.   If anyone looks at this article closely, they will see where it says clearly that this latest rocket attack AGAIN has caused no injuries.   It always seems that these phoney "rockets" always never hit Israeli civilians.... Are these militants that bad in aiming their rockets?

Here it is in a nutshell:  As what happened just before Operation Cast Lead, the Israelis have needed an excuse to shut down any aid getting to Gaza, and to unleash their criminal IDF forces on another brutal attack on that enclave itself.  I have already put up articles in this blog that states that the Israelis have had a history of sending their agents over their borders with both Gaza and Lebanon, where they set up small rocket platforms and launch "rockets" back into Israel itself.   These agents are always careful to make sure that these attacks never hit their own people, and the rockets always fall either in unpopulated areas, or hit areas with no civilians present.    The net result is the criminal state of Israel screaming that they are under attack by "rockets", and they use this phoney excuse to launch attacks against their neighbours.   This latest "rocket" attack fits this pattern perfectly!

One other important note... It seems so strange that this article starts off with one "rocket" landing in Israel, and somehow the article morphs into multiple "rockets" hitting Israel!   THIS should alert any readers that this is an article full of total falsehoods and lies...

So now we have Israel pounding Gaza again, and the world has been fooled into believing in another phoney "rocket attack" launched at "poor Israel"....  When will people finally learn the truth on how these criminals operate?

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Franklin Ryckaert said...

The use of "false flag" terrorist attacks seems to be a speciality of this little rogue state.In Israels short history as a state and even before(such as the King David Hotel bombing and many others) such attacks always happened when they where needed.During the socalled "peace process"
about the future of the West Bank such attacks always happened when the negotiations "threatened" to bring real peace and thus real concessions.The whole country should be considered to be nothing but a launchpad for false flag terrorist attacks against the region and the world.Although Ahmedinejad never really said it "wiping off the map" doesn't seem to be such a bad idea afterall.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

The use of "false flag" terrorist attacks seems to be a speciality of this little rogue state.The whole country is virtually a launchpad for such attacks on the region and the world.Makes "wiping off
the map" a serious option.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

The use of such "false flag" terrorist attacks seems to be a speciality of this little rogue state.The whole country is virtually a launchpad for such attacks on the region and the world.Makes "wiping off
the map" a serious option.

mary sullivan said...

harper jewish connection

mary sullivan said...


OICU812 said...

I agree, false Israeli war-pretexts are evil and should be exposed, even more than Mike Rivero's dishonest anti-Catholic bigotry.

Nick said...

All that is needed is the ever eye-catching, "an anonymous source who wasn't authorized to speak for the government" BS line to complete the fiction. I do not approve of Iran's treatment of those who wish true freedom but I was actually pleased that they had finally made it through the Suez Canal. Would loved to have been in that Knesset meeting when Nutty-yahoo had a At some point, somebody with an international recognition of integrity will be around during one of these alleged rocket attacks and report the truth - they never happened. This truth vibration that is sweeping the globe is quite remarkable. There is some merit in the idea the billionaire globocrats are using their puppets to incite rebellion, as many have contended, but I do not think they can take credit for most of it. I mean, Ian's Pizza in Madison receiving orders from China and other places to feed the hungry patriots is quite incredible. Additionally, the support of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis is a fascinating twist to the situation. They will likely be pegged as "anti-semitic" by AIPAC or The Bible warned about building one's house on sand and it appears that global house is falling. Great insight as always, my friend. Respects, Nick

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Russia invaded the USA and took over California. Some people in Nevada fire some rockets that land in San Francisco. Are the American's firing rockets on to Russia? Or are they firing rockets on to America?

When Palestinians fire rockets-- assuming it is actually them and not Israel firing them-- the rockets land on Palestinian land. Israel is occupying Palestine. So every rocket you hear, no matter who is claimed to have fired it, lands on Palestinian land. The Palestinians don't have rockets with the range needed to reach Israel.

People forget that Israel and Palestine had almost equal sized portions of land in 1947. But today Palestinians, thanks to Israeli illegal occupations, live only on two tiny pieces of their land. Not the larger Palestine that was mandated by the UN. So those rockets all land on Palestine. Not sure how firing rockets in your own country on to your own land is an act of terrorism.