Monday, February 21, 2011

Interesting Video: The Fake Egypt Revolution

I have received several comments from readers that do not like my own comments where I stated that the Egyptian revolution may not be as it seems... The fact is, I am not sold on this idea that the uprising in Egypt was as "popular" as all the controlled media outlets continue to harp.   I have always been a bit weary and concerned that this uprising will only result in one American puppet replaced by another!

To back up many of my personal assertions about the validity of the Egyptian revolution, I want to present the following great video through Youtube from youtube user: "getjiggy21", that asks and puts up possible answers to the same questions that I have.  Here is that video for my own readers to ponder:

NTS Notes:  Readers, I have always contended that there is a very strong possibility that the entire Egyptian revolution was nothing more than a massive American/Israeli sham to replace a possibly dying and over the hill 83 year old dictator with another American/Israeli puppet dictator waiting in the wings....

We must also not forget that the people of Egypt still do not see any so called "freedom" that they have taken to the streets for.  The Egyptian military is now fully in charge, and rather than rush to getting a popular replacement for Mubarak immediately, they have stuck to the original plan for "elections" in September.... So again, what the hell have the people been taking to the streets for????

We can only hope that the Egyptian people are smart enough to see to it that a replacement for Mubarak will not be another American/Israeli stooge.... But it may not happen because any new leader will have to grovel to the Western economies, especially the criminal IMF, for support, and financial aid.    With that, the new leadership may have no choice but to again bow to American/Israeli interests.... And with this possibility, the hopes for a truly free Egypt may be dashed!

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

If anyone has problems with this angle you have, might I suggest you have them read a piece by Jonathan Azaziah


As you know NTS, every once in awhile we find an analyst who is capable of not only making sense of difficult situation, but takes it further and opens your eyes, deepening your understanding of how that situation fits into the overall picture in ways you might never have imagined.

Jonathan calls Egypt and most of these revolutions "controlled demolitions" and tells it like it is... and ties Egypt in with Pakistan and Iraq the three biggest fears Israel has had from day one. I think you might like it NTS. And any of your readers who want to learn, check it out. Jonathan's wisdom should be shared.

Anonymous said...

Tyrants do not yield power willingly. That is why violent revolutions happen. The Egyptian military is the foundation of any tyrant's control. I have read that the Egyptian soldiers were not issued ammo by order of top brass. Supposedly so they would not side with the people. But more likely to give the appearance that the military leaders could be trusted to produce the democracy wanted by the people. As the MSM have been giving the protesting masses the thumbs up all along does make it clear, this was a well-planned hoax being perpetrated on the people of Egypt. Popular agreement of opinion among alternative news sources does not mean what is thought to be true really is. Questions should always be viewed as necessary, not threatening. There is so much refined deception going on everywhere.

Paul in Chicago said...

NTS, it's probably an oversimplification to call it "nothing more than a massive American/Israeli sham".

Now, if you were to call it a "sham prompted by neocons*", well, then you would have yourself a conspiracy theory with the ring of plausibility.

*Neoconservatives: warmongering American nationalists who have made their peace with the welfare state and who favor economic interventionism by a big, powerful government. Jews are overrepresented among them, and, yes, the neocons are partisans for Israel.

Stephen Sniegoski's The Transparent Cabal is a fascinating exploration of their origins, ways, personalities, and means. He also argues against their continued influence over American foreign policy. The subtitle is "The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the the National Interest of Israel". You can download it for free in PDF.

mary sullivan said...

THIS is to pre-empt the White race
at the border, with harper helping the American government as they zero in on White race.
this is part of the secret meeting two weeks ago with jew, janet napolitano group with harper