Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helen Thomas On Egypt: Egyptians Understand Their Power!

It has now been well over a half a year since Helen Thomas, who used to be be part of the White House Press Corps, spoke the truth when she commented that the phoney Jews (Khazars) should get the hell out of Palestine, and go back where they belong... Primarily to the Russian steppes and Eastern Europe.   For that comment, which is absolutely the truth, she was removed from the Press Corps, and is now writing for an weekly independent news service, the Falls Church News Press.....

But periodically she is sought out by independent news services for her views.  The fact is that her views still hold much value, and just recently she was interviewed by Laura Flanders of GritTV, at www.grittv.org.... 

Readers, I have the video of that interview right here, courtesy of this article from Revolt Of The Plebs, at www.revoltoftheplebs.com.   Here is that entire article, entitled" "Helen Thomas: Egyptians Understand Their Power" for you to view:

Helen Thomas: Egyptians Understand Their Power

Posted by keith on Feb 15, 2011

If you didn’t send a Valentine’s Day card to Helen Thomas yesterday, you should be ashamed of yourself. In a recent interview with Laura Flanders of Grit TV, Helen pulls no punches and spells out what is and what needs to be.
Helen calls the US on the carpet and tells our pathetic leaders that if they want to preach democracy, they’re going to have to “roll with the punches” and “stand by democracy.”
But the highlight is when she goes after the HUSH HUSH on Israel.  “You can’t talk about Israel,” says Thomas.  “That’s off limits in this whole country.  If you say so, you’re antisemitic…you’re this, you’re that…you’re for the Holocaust and you’re for Hitler.  All of this…it’s baloney!”
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NTS Notes:  As I have already stated, many people are still seeking Helen Thomas's fabulous insights into world events.   This lady knows exactly who pulls the strings in the US, and it definitely is NOT the American public!

I agree with her statement that criticism of Israel is off limits in the United States (and Canada) due to the fact that these criminals are quick to use their phoney "antisemitism" on any person who criticizes their criminal and evil actions, thinking that the false term still holds some value.... But times are changing, and people are no longer fooled!!!

If and when I come across any further great stories about Helen Thomas, I will post them here in this blog... Stay tuned....

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