Monday, February 28, 2011

Hamas: Israel Releases False Reports About Gaza "Rockets"

I have spent the last few days concentrating on family matters, and have spent little time on this blog.   So it seems that I have a lot of catching up now to do....

Recently I put up  an article in this blog that again focused on the bogus "rocket attacks" that always seem to happen exactly when Israel needs them the most to divert attention away from its criminal activities against its neighbours.   

The facts are readers, that these so called "rocket" attacks seem to always hit nothing in Israel and always cause no casualties, which is strange enough.... Are these "Arab terrorists" that bad with their aim?  Or is something else going on?

I have said it before, and I firmly stand behind my conviction that these phoney "rocket" attacks are always the work of Israeli agent provocateurs, mostly Israeli Mossad agents.   The purpose is purely propaganda to somehow justify to the entire world that Israel is under "constant rocket attack" and in their twisted logic they claim as a result of these "attacks"  that they must attack and seize neighbouring territory to prevent these phoney attacks from continuing! 

Over the last few days, these Israeli agents again have been firing rockets from Gaza back into Israel, and the Israelis have responded by launching new airstrikes into Gaza.   Hamas, which is the elected government in Gaza has protested these latest brutal attacks by the evil Israelis, and according to this article from, out of China, they are claiming that Israel has been caught releasing false reports about these Gaza rockets!   Here is that article for my own readers to view:

Hamas: Israel releases false reports about Gaza rockets   2011-02-28 06:03:17

GAZA, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Hamas movement in Gaza on Sunday accused Israel of releasing false news about Palestinian rocket attacks, stressing that Hamas is in contact with Gaza-based factions to maintain cease-fire with Israel.
In a statement, Hamas Interior Ministry said the "false accounts" aim at preparing international mood for a military escalation in the Gaza Strip. They are also meant to cover " Israeli measures to make Jerusalem Jewish and the construction of settlements in the West Bank."
Hamas said it is in contact with the Gaza-based factions and armed groups "to protect the national understanding and withdraw pretexts from the enemy," referring to a deal reached in January, in which the factions restrain from attacking Israel without unanimous agreement.
Israel said that 10 missiles were fired from Gaza over the past three days, including two Russian-made Grad rockets. The attacks caused no casualties.
Israel responded with a series of airstrikes on several targets for Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement in the coastal enclave, including a vehicle said to have been moving cash bags to Hamas near Gaza's border with Egypt.
Hamas urged the factions to reach the agreement in January after it received messages that Israel was preparing a massive military operation in Gaza, similar to the Operation Cast Lead that ended in early 2009.
Editor: Mu Xuequan

NTS Notes:  Again, it seems that Israel is justifying its latest brutal massacre of Gazan civilians by their own agents' phoney rocket attacks.   

Considering Israel's history of false flag attacks, and past definitive proof of phoney rocket attacks conducted by their Mossad operatives, I absolutely believe Hamas on this one, and that they are justified in the claims made in this article.

People must be made aware of the truth behind these phoney provocative attacks by Israel for their justification of aggression.   This is another example of how we must pass the real truth around to others, and stop Israeli criminal acts against its neighbours!

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