Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great Video: President Wussy Caves For Israel Again

First, I must make it clear to my own readers that I for one cannot understand why the United States grovels for the criminal state of Israel.   Any one with any intelligence can see that there is absolutely no need for America to support that pariah state.   It was created in 1948 on lies and falsehoods, and today it is bristling with nuclear weapons and a leadership that wants only to dominate the entire Middle East by seizing territory through bloody wars against its own neighbours.   It has also attacked its so called "ally" the United States many times over the last half century, most notably in the 1967 heinous attack on the USS Liberty that left 34 US sailors dead, and more recently in the 9-11 attacks on America that caused the murder of some 3000 innocent American lives.... With a friend like this, who needs enemies?

To help again reinforce how much Israel is in full control over America, I want to present the following video from Ryan Dawson, who writes the website:, where Ryan calls out the US President, Barry Soetoro, on his recent solo veto on Israel's illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.   Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  Again, thanks to Ryan Dawson for telling it exactly like it is.

When will people finally see the truth and stand up against the crimes of Israel and their puppets in the US Government?    

Vetoing that UN resolution has finally shown those who still had some blind faith in America the bitter truth that the criminal Zionist Jews are in full control over the United States.   Now more than ever the entire world sees the United States as nothing more than Israel's bitch......There is no other way of putting it....  

That sickening veto by Israel's puppet has also put any chances of so called "peace" in Palestine out of its misery.   There is no hope now for the Palestinians other than to fight against their oppressors, and free Palestine themselves.   

Well, America... What are you going to do now about your Israeli controlled government?

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Franklin Ryckaert said...

Often only the U.S. and that great "country" of Micronesia vote in favor of Israel in the U.N.In the Security Council a veto from the U.S.against any resolution about Israel is simply guaranteed.The U.S. is totally in the power of the Jewish Mafia,its president a pathetic puppet. Lets not condemn the puppet,lets concentrate on the puppeteer in stead.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is first-rate, particularly for someone so young. Need to watch his 1+ hours videos War By Deception, and The Holocaust Taboo. I don't agree with all his viewpoints or anlyses, but they are very well produced nonetheless, and engrossing to watch.