Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CLXII: It Had To Happen! Nuts Are Blaming Revolution In Egypt On Global Warming!

With all the focus on the Egyptian Revolution, I had figured that there would not be any absolutely ludicrous claims made about what actually caused the Egyptian people to rise up against a brutal dictatorship.  Well, it seems that I would eventually be proven wrong, and this one is one for the books!

For this latest chapter in my continuing exposure of the ludicrous, and the insane... I want to present the following article that comes from the website: Tory Aardvark, at www.toryaardvark.wordpress.com.  It is entitled: "Riots In Egypt -Caused Solely By Climate Change", and I want to present that entire article right here for my own readers to view:

Riots In Egypt – Caused Solely By Climate Change

February 1, 2011 by Tory Aardvark

Appaently Climate Change not Hosi Mubarak was the cause of the riots
Aardvark had a bet with another blogger than before the week was out, someone, somewhere would blame the unrest in Egypt on Anthropogenic Global Warming, a bet that will now pay out.
The ecomentalists at Climate Progress are linking food prices to extreme weather and an increase in the price of oil, as the cause of the riots.
Of course it’s nothing to do with years of repressive and brutal government
Global warming, or the more politically-correct ‘climate change’, is now being blamed for the riots taking place in Egypt, according to a report at Climate Progress.
Using the scare line, “Food prices were driven up by extreme weather and high oil prices,” Joe Romm links food prices in Egypt to global warming.
Quoting an NPR story, Climate Progress notes that part of the reason for the chaos in Egypt is rising food prices:
Many of the people protesting are also angry about dramatic price hikes for basic foodstuffs, such as rice, cereals, cooking oil and sugar.
Naturally, all because of “climate change.”
This summer’s extreme global weather raised fears of a “Coming Food Crisis,” as CAP’s John D. Podesta and Jake Caldwell warned in Foreign Policy: “Global food security is stretched to the breaking point, and Russia’s fires and Pakistan’s floods are making a bad situation worse.” Earlier this month I discussed how, in fact, “Extreme weather events helped drive food prices to record highs.” Back then, experts were worried about food riots. Now they are happening.
Of course, none of it has to do with the policies of the Egyptian government or the push by the radical Islamic group Muslim Brotherhood.
Human emissions (i.e., breathing), combined with rising oil prices and extreme weather get blamed for the political chaos in Egypt. Why not? After all, liberals seem to connect everything else to global warming. H/T Climate Depot

NTS Notes:  Yes, I read the original article in its entirety, and I was truly surprised by some of the author's assertions.

The pro-Global Warming nuts are claiming that climate change has a part to play in the riots in Egypt... I say to them to think more logically and realize that 30 years of a brutal dictatorship, and suppression of Egyptian human rights and dignity are the real reasons for this revolution.

Now I am waiting for the Al Gore crowd to come out and say that the 2 Million people who gathered together today in Cairo to call an end to Mubarak's regime also contributed to Greenhouse gas emissions!   I wonder if that will be their next assertion...

Well, another chapter in my continuing Files Of Absurdity.... I knew that someone somewhere would exploit the Revolution in Egypt for their unworthy cause, and here comes the Global Warming...err...Climate Change crowd, right on cue!

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

It is true. When things start to get a little crazy, the crazies come out in full force.

So, does this mean we could even blame "need" for the HST on climate change?

mary sullivan said...

only the Jewish race could think this stuff up.
i wonder what Harper's Jewish wife has to say on the matter.