Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wikileaks Is A Massive Fraud, And Disinformation: Absolutely No Doubt Any More After You Read This!

I have said it from the very beginning, and I will say it again:  WikiLeaks is a massive fraud, and nothing more than disinformation.  I have long suspected that it was created as an Israeli Mossad operation to deflect criticism of Israel and to vilify Israel's enemies... I stand behind those convictions absolutely 100%!

Now to give further proof of my statement, I want to present the following article from the Zionist Jewish propaganda site; Haaretz, at  It is entitled: "Netanyahu: Wikileaks Showed Three Top Issues In Middle East Are Iran, Iran, Iran", and I have it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view and ponder:

  • Published 14:48 12.01.11
  • Latest update 14:48 12.01.11

Netanyahu: WikiLeaks showed three top issues in Mideast are Iran, Iran, Iran

PM says that while Arab-Israeli conflict is important, most Mideast governments understand that failure to thwart Iran will leave all peace moves in tatters.

By Haaretz Service

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told foreign journalists Tuesday that the American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks showed that Iran and its nuclear program were the primary concern for leaders in the Middle East.
“The WikiLeaks exposed the three main concerns of most, if not all, of the governments in this region. The first concern is Iran; the second concern is Iran; and the third concern is Iran,” Netanyahu said at an annual meeting with members of the international press in Israel.

He added that while Arab-Israeli conflict was an important issue, most Mideast governments understood that a failure to thwart Iran’s atomic ambitions would leave all peace moves in tatters.
“That's not to say that they [Mideast leaders] don't want to see the advance in the peace process – they do; that they're not concerned about the Arab-Israeli peace – they are. But they're very much concerned that all of this would come to naught, and in fact their own interests (I'm speaking diplomatically now) would be tremendously jeopardized unless the Iranian nuclear program is stopped. Peace would be stopped and vital interests of just about every government in the region would be threatened.”
Such a threat by Iran, Netanyahu said in remarks at the start of the meeting, have “become part of the international understanding of very broad segments of the world community.”
“People witnessed the brutal nature of this regime in the wake of its elections and Iran was caught red-handed building a nuclear facility, a secret nuclear facility in Qom,” he said.

NTS Notes:  Readers, do you have any doubts what so ever any more that Wikileaks is pure bull crap?

Wikileaks has suckered so many people around the world for months now with its absolute garbage articles, and now we again find the facts that it is vilifying Iran purposely for the criminal state of Israel!

Here again are some facts that Wikileaks does not cover:  Iran is a peaceful nation that has not invaded anyone for over a thousand years! (The Iraq/Iran conflict was launched by Iraq invading Iran in 1980).  Also, Iran absolutely does NOT have Nuclear Weapons, and has absolutely no desire to obtain them.  It is a fact that Iran has opened its nuclear power generation sites for full international inspections, and these inspectors have found absolutely nothing out of order...  Bottom line; Iran is absolutely not a threat to anyone.

Now for some REAL truths.  Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and would use them in a heartbeat if it is ever threatened.   Israel has never allowed its clandestine nuclear facility at Dimona ever inspected, and Israel itself is not a signor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty!  Israel is an evil demented xenophobic state that wages war against all of its neighbours in its disgusting pursuit of a greater Israel!   Israel murders, maims, imprisons, and tortures its Palestinian neighbours' people at will, without any outcry from world governments, because in most cases, it controls these governments.   It controls the United States completely, and will use its American control to have Iran invaded, and destroyed.  Israel has already used its lapdog, the United States military to destroy Iraq, because Iraq once was a true credible threat to Israel itself.  Now, American men and women may be shortly fighting and dying in a war against Iran for their own government's Zionist Jewish masters!

There you have it.   Again, Wikileaks has been doing its job as an Israeli front very well, and its time for people to put it out of its misery!

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Saladin said...

Like you I have known this was a big scam from the very beginning. In fact I was the first one to post my suspicions at WRH. Luckily Mike agreed with me and ran with it. Those stupid zionazis have become so bold they don't even care if their lies are exposed 24/7. That arrogance is exactly what has always been their downfall.

Northerntruthseeker said...

And like you, I have been trying for months to convince people that Wikileaks is out there just as pure fluff and propaganda to deflect criticisms of the true evil on the planet....

I am still amazed that people still support that Julian Assange character and his continuing BS.... When will people ever learn?

Northerntruthseeker said...

And BTW... Saladin, thank you so much for your continuing support!

This little site that started off as absolutely nothing, does not take donations, does not advertise, and is only known by word of mouth, has grown over the last year, and I thank you and other readers again for your support!

Saladin said...

This article was a big hit at WRH!

Anonymous said...

The cables say that the dictators and other autocrats in the ME who are allies of the US echo those sentiments. Of course they will repeat the US/Israeli line because they are all of the same cloth.

Look at general public opinion polls and you will see a big difference.

Northerntruthseeker said...

General public opinion is easily swayed and manipulated...

And since the leaks are all fraudulent, I hold little credence in the validity of anything coming from the "cables".

Northerntruthseeker said...

And thanks again, Saladin... I saw that too, and it helps our cause...

I do appreciate the work of Mike Rivero over at What Really Happened, and it is great that he covers material from yourself and I!

Anonymous said...

Interesting read! One thing I would like to know is what part does Julian Assange play in all this? Is he in cahoots with this or simply a fall guy?
My sister knew Assange before his infamy and according to her he is a snivelling little twit who is vindictive, jealous and a complete narcisist.

Mr Black.