Monday, January 24, 2011

So Who Did The Moscow Airport Bombing, And Why? (Is It Not Obvious Who Did It? Hint: "By Way Of Deception...")

We  have just witnessed today another "terrorist" attack.  This time, an explosive device with the force equivalent to 7Kg of TNT went off in a baggage claim area of Domodedovo Airport, in Moscow, Russia.   The death toll so far according to reports from Russia Today Television is at least 35 confirmed, with many more wounded.  It is an atrocity, indeed!

But who is to blame for this attack?   Well, to help answer that question, I want to turn to an article that I came across from another great truth seeker, named Damien Lataan, who writes a blog called "Telling The History Of The Twenty-First Century As It Really Is", at   The article is entitled: "So Who Did The Moscow Bombing, And Why?", and I have it right here for my own readers to view... My own comments will follow:



Odd, is it not, that Russia would reaffirm its recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and then, less than a fortnight later, some deranged person would blow themselves up at Moscow airport killing some 35 people and injuring scores of others.

According to 
reports, Russian police are hunting for three men said to be the suicide bomber’s accomplices. The suspects according to the reports are all from Russia’s predominately Islamic (Sunni) north Caucasus region which includes Chechnya.

The questions that analysts must ask are these: First the obvious one; is the bombing of Moscow airport linked to Russia’s recognition of Palestine and, if so, then who is responsible and why? And, secondly; if it is not linked and Chechen Islamic fighters are responsible, then why and to what end did they take this action considering that Chechnya has recently enjoyed a reasonable period of calm.

Certainly, it is not outside the realms of possibility that this bombing was a false flag operation designed to realign public opinion against the world of Islam which by association includes Palestine. Of course, if this is the case and it was a false flag bombing, then there can be little doubt that Mossad would have somehow been behind it.

If, however, Chechen fighters were responsible, then it may be that the bombing was carried out by some splinter group upset at the current status quo in Chechnya and with Russia.

One other possibility is that renegade Chechen fighter and leader,
Dokka Umarov, had organised the bombing and, since he has in the past suggested that he would die fighting for his cause – indeed, it wasrecently reported that he may have already died – Umarov may even have been the bomber himself having decided to be a martyr to his cause. There is certainly a sense in his biography that having seen much of his own family killed over the years of fighting that he may well have considered that being a suicide bomber himself would be a fitting way to end his life. This is just supposition of course, but don’t be surprised if this is the case.

Getting back to the other scenario, however, a false flag operation organised by Mossad with the finger of blame being pointed at Chechen rebels is just as likely and achieves the same end for Israel.

NTS Notes:  An interesting article, with some great points about the idea that it could have been Chechen rebels.   But I am not convinced that it was Chechen rebels, and from the beginning this has had all the earmarks of another Mossad operation!

Why the Mossad?  The answer is simple:  Russian President Medvedev was just in the Palestinian territories to confirm Russia's full support for an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its Capitol.   To anyone with common sense, they can see that the Israelis would be severely pissed off by Russia's "audacity" in taking this step, and to warn the Russians against taking any further moves for support Palestinian independence, they would use this bombing as a threat...Sort of like the proverbial "shot across the bow".

In any crime, you have to have a motive.... The criminal state of Israel fits this perfectly with their anger aimed at Russia supporting an Independent Palestine.  People must also always remember the motto of the Israeli Mossad: "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War!".

More to come



The Usual Suspects said...

I have read Russia's political class are just as completely controlled by the international Khazar 'jews' money system as Canada, America, England, China, France, Germnay, etc. If that is the case(?) it seems odd that they would step out of line without permission, and displease their jew masters.

I have also read that one of the worst of the jew mass murderers during the jewish Bolshevik reign of terror (there's that word again) following their murder of the Russian Czar, his wife, children, servants (most likely their pets if they could get their hands on them too) and tens of millions of Christian Russians and Ukrainians, went by the family name of Medvedev.

I found that interesting in light of the name of Russia's current leader.

Anyway, the guy in the vid linked below, spells out some of the suppressed facts behind terrorism. I didn't notice him mention the terrorist state of Israel by name, but he does refer to their international terrorist agency which has been carrying on continuous war by way of deception against the West since at least 1948.

He makes some very good points.

Northerntruthseeker said...

You are so right about the total control over Russia by these maniacs.

The fact is that people must understand that Communism and Judaism are one and the same. When the old Soviet Union collapsed back in 1991, the Jewish elite never left, but just renamed themselves and are still in control over that country.

When the time comes that we will need to take nations back from these criminals, we can add Russia to that list.