Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Russian President Putin Rules Out Chechen Rebels As Responsible For Moscow Airport Bombing! (Leaving The Israeli Mossad As Suspects)

The Moscow Airport blast on Monday was horrendous to say the least.  With 35 people confirmed dead, and over 100 other casualties, with some being critical, it is the worst "terrorist" attack that has taken place in Russia in years.

When the blast first occurred, I and others in the real truth movement automatically fingered the Israeli Mossad and for good reasons.  The President of Russia, Medvedev, went to Palestine to confirm Russia's support for an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capitol.   This action was a slap in the face to the criminal Israeli government, and their reaction for this move by Russia could definitely be this bombing in Moscow.  

Originally, I put up an article where the first suspected "terrorists" responsible for this attack could have been Chechen rebels.   But according to this new article, from, out of Japan, it seems that the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has officially ruled out Chechen rebels as responsible for this attack.  Here is that article for my own readers to view:

Putin rules out Chechen rebels from airport attack
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says that Chechen separatists had nothing to do with Monday's deadly suicide attack on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.

The explosion that ripped through the arrival terminal of Russia's busiest airport killed 35 people and wounded over 130 others.

Russian authorities suspect the attack was a suicide bombing. They are investigating links to Islamic extremists from the North Caucasus, who have carried out previous terror attacks in Moscow.

Putin told reporters on Wednesday that preliminary checks have ruled out links to the Chechen Republic. But he didn't deny that other extremist groups in the North Caucasus could be responsible.

NTS Notes:  Ok, readers, we have now removed the Chechen rebels from the list of suspects for this bombing.

But there is even more information that I have come across recently that brings further suspicion that this was an Israeli false flag attack carried out by the Mossad.   It seems that the Security company that runs the airport security at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow is none other than ICTS, an Israeli firm!   ICTS for those who do not know was the same security company for Boston Logan airport on the morning of the murderous Israeli Mossad attacks of  9-11.   ICTS was also the security company in charge of Detroit, Michigan's International Airport back in December, 2009, when the infamous "underwear bombing" took place.   Coincidence?  I think not, and most readers will come to the same conclusion....

The evidence is now pointing directly at the Israeli Mossad being fully responsible for this murderous bombing in Moscow.   Guaranteed the Zionist Jewish controlled media will be spinning this to try to make sure that Israel is not to blame, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Again, remember the motto of the Mossad:  "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War!"

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