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President Soetoro Asked To Support UN Illegal West Bank Settlement Resolution (He Will Veto It Like Any Good Israeli Lapdog Does!)

I have put up many articles again and again telling the absolute truth that the United States government, and especially the President himself, Barry Soetoro, do not answer to the American public at all, and instead answer only to the wishes to their criminal masters in Tel Aviv!   Such is the case with the US government having obediently vetoed every resolution against the criminal state of Israel and its criminal actions in the United Nations Security Council since Israel declared its unilateral declaration of state in 1948...

Now comes news from the Al Jazeera news network, at, that US policy makers, former government officials, and others, are calling on the Israeli controlled US President to support the newest condemnation of Israel's illegal settlement building in the United Nations Security Council.   Here is that article for my own readers to view here in its entirety:

Middle East
Obama urged to condemn settlements
US academics and ex-government officials ask US president to support UN resolution against illegal Israeli settlements.
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The letter said the number of Israelis living beyond the 1967 line complicates 
the realisation of two-state solution 

Several US policy practitioners, academics, former government officials and journalists have in a letter to Barack Obama urged the US president to support the upcoming United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.
"The time has come for a clear signal from the United States to the parties and to the broader international community that the US can and will approach the conflict with the objectivity, consistency and respect for international law required if it is to play a constructive role in the conflict's resolution," read the letter published in theWashington Note, a popular political blog, on Wednesday.
It went on to say that "while a UNSC resolution will not resolve the issue of settlements or prevent further Israeli construction activity in the Occupied Territory, it is an appropriate venue for addressing these issues and for putting all sides on notice that the continued flouting of international legality will not be treated with impunity."
The signatories to the letter advised that if the US believes that the text of the resolution is flawed, that it could set forth additional US views on settlements and related issues in an accompanying statement.
"The alternative to a Resolution - a consensus statement by the President of the UNSC - would have no stature under international law, hence this option should be avoided," the letter warned.
Cairo address
The letter urged the president to follow through on the commitment he made in his landmark Cairo speech of June 2009, in which he said: "The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.
"This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop."
The letter also states that settlements are illegal according to article 49 of the Fourth Geneva convention - a status recognised in an opinion issued by the US State Department's legal advissr on April 28, 1978, a position which has never since been revised.
"That official US legal opinion describes the settlements as being "inconsistent with international law.
"US policy across nine administrations has been to oppose the settlements, with the focus for the last two decades being on the incompatibility of settlement construction with efforts to advance peace."
It also says that the resolution will have a defining effect on the credibility of the US as a broker in Middle East peace, as well as its "seriousness as a guarantor of international law and international legitimacy ... in a region in which hundreds of thousands of our troops are deployed and where we face the greatest threats and challenges to our security.
"This vote is an American national security interest vote par excellence. We urge you to do the right thing."
Among those who signed the letter are former US Trade Representative and Council on foreign Relations Chair, Carla Hills, journalist and former New Republic editor Peter Beinart, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Thomas Pickering, former Assistant Secretary of State, James Dobbins, former Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Pastor, former New Republic editor and Atlantic Senior Editor and Daily Dish publisher, Andrew Sullivan, former US Secretary of Defence, Frank Carlucci and former US Ambassador to Israel Edward Walker.

NTS Notes:  There are countless reasons for the United States to support this push for condemnation of Israel's illegal settlement building, but I guarantee that the United States government, and especially the Israeli controlled shill President, will not support this act but instead will do as their masters in Tel Aviv demand, and veto this resolution.

The United States has a choice, and that is to join with all decent nations on planet Earth, and condemn and push for an immediate stop to Israel's criminal actions.  However as we will soon find out, by their vetoing of this condemnation, it will instead finally make it clear to the entire world who actually controls America.   The result will finally place the United States in the same league as the criminal state of Israel as nothing more than pariah nations.

Again, I ask that the people of the United States take a hard look at their own government with this action, and realize that their country is definitely not their own.   America definitely needs leadership that answers ONLY to the will of the American people, and not to a criminal entity half way around the world!

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