Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Great Dissection Of President Soetoro's State Of The Union Address

As a Canadian, I usually do not listen to the annual American State of the Union Address.   But for a strange reason, I decided to actually turn on the Talmudvision last night, and listen to that Israeli poodle shill who calls himself "President" give his BS propaganda on how well the United States is doing.   I was not disappointed one bit!

Today, I have been pouring over all kinds of comments and articles online and in the Zionist Jewish controlled press about the President's speech.... As usual the propaganda gave him praise, while the real news over the Internet looked at it as a pack of lies. 

One article from Ryan Dawson's website: Anti-Neocons, at caught my eye, and I found it to be absolutely spot on.   I have decided that because of the length of this article rather than post it here, I will provide the link instead.  It gives a close analysis of the entire speech, with some very truthful comments on each part.   Here is that link:

NTS Notes:  One glaring thing that came out right away in this speech was the line where he said "One year ago, I took office amid two wars", and right away I laughed, because he has now been in office for TWO years.  I guess that first year of ruining America was just a blur, and he wanted to forget about it.

The other key point is towards the end when he got to attacking Iran for its NONEXISTENT nuclear program... If he stands behind that part of this propaganda, then he should turn America's attention to Israel's very real and very dangerous massive nuclear weapons stockpile.

The problem with this annual speech is that it is always a rah rah session... But this time it appears that the United States has a leader that is truly out of touch with how his actions are actually destroying that once great nation.

Well, America, again... How do you like your "Change" now???  With all the lies, falsehoods, and lack of real action against the criminals responsible for the ruination of that great nation, by this Israeli bought and paid for shill, I think I might just join everyone else and call him President Pussie!

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