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Lebanese Government Collapses: Civil War And Israel Grabbing The Litani River Next!

There is still a nonstop barrage of news reports concerning the Arizona shootings that has left 6 people dead and 13 people injured.  New reports are flooding in with the revelations that the shooter is Jewish, and  that the shooter's family and the Jewess Congresswoman knew each other quite well....The Zionist controlled Mainstream media has been caught flat footed by these allegations, and is still trying to spin the story into a "mentally unstable" shooter scenario.   They are now failing miserably!

But while the American public is being deluged with continuing news and spins on that story, there is very important news elsewhere... It seems that the Lebanese Coalition Government has now collapsed, and that country may be facing a new civil war!   I have a great article here from Intifada, at, entitled: "Lebanese Government Collapses" that covers the facts in great detail, along with some scenarios as to what could be next for Lebanon itself!   Here is that article for my own readers to view:


Government falls after Hezbollah and allies withdraw from coalition in row over UN probe into murder of Rafiq al-Hariri.

Lebanon’s unity government has collapsed after the Hezbollah movement and its political allies resigned from the cabinet over arguments stemming from a UN investigation into the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister, in 2005.
There has been growing political tension in Lebanon amid signs that Hezbollah members could be indicted by the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).
Ten ministers tendered their resignations on Wednesday after reports that al-Hariri’s son Saad, the prime minister, had refused their call to convene a cabinet meeting to discuss controversial issues including the investigation.
An eleventh member, Adnan Sayyed Hussein, later stood down from the 30-member cabinet, automatically bringing down al-Hariri’s government.
The request to convene a cabinet meeting came on Tuesday after Syria and Saudi Arabia, who have for months been attempting to act as mediators in Lebanon’s political crisis,announced their efforts had failed.
The standoff between al-Hariri’s camp and Hezbollah over the UN tribunal has paralysed the government for months and sparked concerns of sectarian violence similar to the one that brought the country close to civil war in May 2008.
Visit cut short

The resignations, which were announced by Jubran Bassil, the energy minister, came as al-Hariri was in Washington meeting Barack Obama, the US president
Bassil called on Michel Suleiman, the Lebanese president, to form a new government.
Immediately after his government was brought down, al-Hariri cut short his visit to the US to fly home.
He was driven to Dulles international airport after talks with Obama at the White House and will meet Suleiman on his return. He will be stopping in Paris on his way back to meet Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president.
The White House later accused Hezbollah of acting out of “fear” and commended Hariri “for his steadfast leadership and efforts to reach peace, stability, and consensus in Lebanon under difficult circumstances”.
Hezbollah, which has denied any role in the assassination, has denounced the tribunal into the 2005 killing as an “Israeli project” and urged al-Hariri to reject any findings by the court, which has not yet announced its decision on the indictments.
Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, in Beirut, said that the opposition ministers said that they resigned because the prime minister will not engage them and respond to efforts to reach an understanding on a number of issues.
“What the ministers are saying is that they resigned to protest Saad Hariri’s stand not to find a settlement on how to deal with the ramifications of the tribunal.
“Hezbollah are saying that this tribunal has been politicised and used by the US and Israel todiscredit Hezbollah, that they have nothing to do with the death of Rafiq Hariri and they want Saad Hariri to come out and delegitimise its findings and end Lebanon’s co-operation with the tribunal.”
Hariri has refused to break co-operation with the tribunal.
“Saad Hariri was on the brink of making a major concession as concerns the tribunal but occult forces prevented him from doing so,” Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader, told the AFP news agency without elaborating.
Saad Hariri’s associates said that he would not succumb to pressure and will call for a cabinet meeting when he finds it appropriate. The prime minister himself is still to comment on the fall of his government.
‘Undermining stability’

Reacting to the Hezbollah withdrawal, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said the tribunal must continue with its work so that justice can be served.
“We view what happened today as a transparent effort by those forces inside Lebanon, as well as interests outside Lebanon, to subvert justice and undermine Lebanon’s stability and progress,” Clinton told a news conference in Doha, Qatar, where she was attending a meeting of regional leaders.
“This is a matter that should be allowed to proceed as previously agreed to. This is not only about the tragic assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri, but many other people died and were injured as well,” Clinton said.
In a statement, a spokesperson for Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, said: “The secretary general is monitoring closely developments in Lebanon, where the situation is fast evolving. He emphasises the importance that calm be preserved.
“The secretary-general further calls for continuing dialogue among all parties and respect for the constitution and the laws of Lebanon.
“He reiterates his full support for the independent work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.”

NTS Notes:  I wanted to put this article up because of its importance to the future of Lebanon, and the strong possibility that this plays right into Israel's hands.

It is a little known fact, still, that the Israelis have been coveting the Litani River that flows through southern Lebanon for decades now.  Israel has been suffering from a very long drought and right now its water shortage is near critical levels.  To alleviate the water shortages, they have been stealing the water from the occupied West Bank, and even drawing the water directly out of the Jordan River.   Now even those sources are depleted, and these criminals have had to look elsewhere for a new source of fresh water..

This is where the Litani River comes into play... The Litani River is some 10km north of the northern Israeli border with Lebanon, and for Israel to obtain this water source, they would have to invade southern Lebanon.   Now with the collapse of the Lebanese Government and the impending possibility of civil war in that country, there would be no chance for any defence by the Lebanese against an Israeli attack into southern Lebanon.

Would Israel invade southern Lebanon?  With a civil war going on in that country, the criminal Israeli leadership could just falsely claim to the world that an invasion would be necessary to make sure that Israel is "secure" during the time that the Lebanese would be fighting in their own country, or they could claim that they launched an invasion at the request of some of the civil war combatants to "help stabilize" or to put an end to unrest during the civil war!  

People forget that they did EXACTLY that already during the early 1980's during the last Lebanese civil war!  This time they would invade and stay rather than withdraw.... And voila... They have the Litani River and their long cherished drinking water!

Does the collapse of the Lebanese Government and an impending civil war play into Israel's evil hands? Absolutely!

More to come


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Today they kidnapped a Lebanese farmer who was apparently doing no more than tending his flock. As with the tearing down of the Shepherd Hotel in Jerusalem these psychopaths are pushing pushing pushing to get the Arabs to explode.

THEN all these past events will be forgotten under a barrage of "They attacked poor little us" media propaganda.

And we KNOW that America and Israel have meddled in Lebanon to bring down this collapse! As my Palestinian sweet says, "They are planning something big and I do not feel good about it at all".

They also have mentioned Cast Lead Part 2 a few times lately.

My friend, if our PM backs these psychopaths up with whatever they do (and old dead eyes certainly will do just that), our reputation will go from sinking to bottom of the ocean depths.

There is a map I have put up once or twice showing what Israel wants in the Middle East (for starters) and it includes Lebanon, much of Syria, Jordan, and extends well down into Egypt. Perhaps that is why Mossad is blowing up Christian churches in Egypt these days.

And just what can we do but watch helplessly? Their actions suck the soul out of every human being on the planet.