Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Israel, Apartheid And Racist Thinking Starts In Kindergarten!

I as well as others, have always wondered about the mindset of the Jewish people living in Israel.  It is disgusting to think that the majority of some 6 million people living in that country can have such strong beliefs in their racial superiority over all others, and their equally strong beliefs that they are exclusively the "chosen people" of this planet!

To understand how their indoctrination actually begins at an early age, I want to present the following video that I came across some time ago, but has been back in the news in many blog sites.  It is called:
"Israeli Humor, Hope Kindergarten" and was supposed to be a joke, but from what you will see in its context, this is most probably what Israeli children are brainwashed with into believing from an early age!  Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I have read articles about this in many other blog sites, as I have already mentioned, and I am also  under the strong belief that what these criminals label here as "humor" is the actual teachings that their children are subjected to at an early age.

If this is the truth as to what Israeli children are taught about Palestine through their education system, then we definitely have an uphill battle on our hands.   This type of brainwashing from an early age is their method of preserving Zionism and Zionist principles for generations to come!

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