Saturday, January 1, 2011

Global Warming Is A Fraud, And A Massive Scam: Geophysicist Says Ice Age Is Here!

People have to finally face the ugly truth about Man Made Global Warming once and for all.... It is a scam, and a massive fraud, perpetrated by some very EVIL individuals who do not have the public interests in mind what so ever!   These criminals invented this hoax so that governments would bring in Green taxes and scam the public for TRILLIONS of dollars, and possibly in the long run bring in their evil dream of a One World Government, with them of course becoming the rulers of all mankind!

To further show the fraudulence of Global Warming, and to pound another nail in its coffin, I want to present a new video where a leading British Geophysicist is saying that not only is Global Warming a massive fraud, but the world is now entering a new mini Ice Age!   Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  People have been swindled by their governments into preparing for phoney Global Warming, and are now totally unprepared for this long period of Global Cooling!   The result will be thousands of people dying thanks to the proponents of that massive fraud!

I do agree that the world is entering a period of cooling.  This is due to the diminished Magnetic and Solar Radiation outputs of our star, Sol, and is a natural cycle that has been occurring for millions of years!   There is absolutely no secret that climate change is driven solely by the energy fluctuations of our star!

It is definitely time to put this Global Warming nonsense out of its misery once and for all.... We should be preparing instead for a long period of colder temperatures!

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Nietzsche said...

Global cooling hurts Northerners.

Warming helped us.

I'm not sure if people are looking at this through the lens of their peoples' best interest.