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Getting Clear About Jews And Judaism

In this fight for the truth, it is always essential that everyone know their nemesis, and their logic and reasoning for their actions and criminality.   Periodically, I have put up articles pertaining to the inner workings of the criminals, and their mindset.  This article will again focus on the criminal mindset, the logic behind their actions, and aspects of their religious beliefs.

For this article, I want to present the following article that comes from Mark Glenn's website, The Ugly Truth, at It is entitled: "Getting Clear About Jews And Judaism", and I have that entire article right here for my own readers to view:

Getting Clear About Jews and Judaism

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There is much confusion on definitions concerning Jews, Judaism, Zionism, and Israel. I sense that the water has been muddied on purpose. There is a foggy, murky dimension to defining a Jew. In this essay I will attempt to clarify definitions based on logic and reason. Please post comments with your ideas.
What is the Torah and Talmud?– A collection of Rabbinic-written/war-making documents.

The claim that the god of creation wrote the Torah is ludicrous–what kind of creator god writes destruction? If the Talmud is admittedly written by Rabbis, why would a Rabbinic-written document supercede omniscient god-written documents? They wouldn’t. What makes sense is that the Torah, Talmud and other Jewish holy books, including the Protocols, are all written by power-seeking Rabbis.

If God wrote Genesis then how could every verse of Genesis be disproven by modern evolutionary science? Much of the Torah/Old Testament is plagiarized, more proof that the origin is man made, not god made. Take the fictional god out of the Torah and what is left? How to hate and make war on non Jews. The Jewish holy books are about superiority, subversion, dominance, control, genocide, in other words how to practice evil while claiming divinity. Clearly a “creator” god did not write any Jewish book. God the Creator does not teach war, Rabbis impersonating god do.

What is a Jew?–Someone who practices Judaism, which means someone who reads and believes in the Torah and other Jewish holy books. For example someone born Catholic is not necessarily a Catholic, a Catholic is someone who practices Catholicism, if someone born Catholic chooses not to believe or practice Catholicism then they are no longer a Catholic. Same for a Jew. Jews are not a race because many different races comprise the whole of the Jews and Judaism.

What is a Secular Jew? –Over half of American Jews do not attend temple, they are atheistic and may celebrate Jewish holidays.  A secular Jew does not believe in the Torah as a defining guide to their life.

What should we call a non-practicing Jew? –Human of course.  A non practicing Jew, someone who rejects the psychopathic god of the Torah/Bible and is trying to be a compassionate person cannot be a Jew because practicing Jews that follows the Torah are taught to be ruthless toward others.  Someone who has come to their senses about the evil called Judaism should not be blamed or lumped together with practicing religious Jews anymore than a non-practicing Catholic being blamed for the evils of the Pope and the Vatican Church state.

Over 100,000 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, no Ethiopian Rabbi can be a top Rabbi, white Jews discriminate heavily against black Jews in Israel.

How can anyone claim that the Jews are a race?

Eastern European “white” Ashkenazi Jews:

Recent DNA genome tests confirm that Palestinians are the most pure Shepardic Jews.  The great irony of the genocidal policies of Israel is that Ashkenazi controlled Israel is busy killing off the most authentic Hebrew people.

The real “blood” Shepardic Jews in this picture are the Palestinians being intimidated by an IDF soldier:

If Jews are NOT a Race then why are so Many Rabbis Racist? –Good question.  Religions are memeplexes based on a collection of unproven and contradictatory memes.  It makes no sense and doesn’t have to make sense because Israel is a theocratic state.  Remember when the Catholic Church made the law, you could be accused of being a witch, no proof was needed.

Under Rabbinic law, a child born of a Jewish mother is automatically and legally a Jew even if that mother does not practice Judaism.  Based on this, practicing Jews unable to prove lineage may not be able to legally marry in Israel.  For instance, an male Asian practicing Jew may not be able to emigrate to Israel or marry a Jewish woman.

Can you imagine that if in America you had to get approval to marry from a white racist Evangelical Southern Baptist preacher?  That’s what living in Israel is like, religious insanity caused by allowing Rabbis to determine civil law.  Israel is a theocratic state, there is no distinction between civil and religious law.

What is a True Torah Jew? Jewish apologists like to claim that “good” Jews follow the Torah unlike the more modern and more racist Jews who follow the Talmud which superceded the Torah. The Torah, however, is racist and ethnocentric and the source reference for the Talmud.  There are no good practicing Jews, the only way for a Jew to be good, that is compassionate and human, is to abandon all Jewish holy books. In fact many authors, including myself, believe that Christianity was the new consciousness of the Age of Picses giving the Jews an out to the old consciousness.

What is “antisemitism”? A political smear tactic.  Antisemitism is used a political weapon, the “racist” card, played to quell criticism of criminal Jewish activities.  When someone points out crimes of Jewish people it is not racism but the Jews spin it as racism so that they can continue committing crimes.  Anyone who uses the slur “antisemitism” is either a dupe or a criminal since the term antisemitism makes no logical sense.  Arab semites far out populate Jewish semites and most Jews are not even semitic but other races.   Zionist Jews responsible for 9112001 are antisemitic because that false flag blamed on Muslims has led to the deaths of tens of millions of semitic Middle Easterners.

For example as investigators of 9112001 false flag and coverup learned of nearly 100% Jewish involvement the ADL defamed them as antisemites because the ADL is part of Jewish racketeering criminal syndicate running cover for other Jewish criminal organizations like Wall Street banks and the Federal Reserve. When a Jewish spy, like Jonathan Pollard, is caught stealing national secrets for Israel, the ADL screams antisemitism for saying the spy was a Jew. The ADL lobbies for the release of Jewish spies that did damage to the host nation America,  the ADL is involved in spying.  If you point out ADL director Abe Foxman’s anti American treasonous behavior you will be of course labeled a racist antisemite.

What is the ADL and SPLC?  The Anti Defamation League is the most rabid defamatory organization on the planet.  The wealthy Southern Poverty Law Center defames anyone critical of Jewish money and power. Both pretend that the Jews are an oppressed minority who rights are threatened by white racists.

They are Jewish supremacist organizations, they have appointed themselves as the guardians of American thought, both anti-freedom, anti-first amendment, anti-second amendment smear and defamatory organizations working in the the interests of Jews world wide, Israeli state, and especially Jewish control of the United States.  Criticizing Jews is allowed under the First Amendment that is why the ADL and SPLC are busy trying to get hate laws that will outlaw free speech.  According to Jewish supremacist Abe Foxman, criticizing Jewish crimes is hate speech.

There is no known or proven connection of the ADL or SPLC to Rockefellers or the Rothschilds like Jewish apologist David Icke claims.

What is a Zionist? Someone who approves of the Israeli state, a Jewish homeland.  This can be someone non Jewish such as an Evangelical Christian, in fact Christian Zionists probably outnumber Jewish Zionists because there are over 75 million American Evangelical Christians in the United States alone. The great irony is that many Christian Zionists are funding the returning Jewish diaspora, believing all the while that Israel will be wiped out, 2/3 of Israel killed in end times battle of Armageddon.

What is Zionism?  The political expression of Judaism.   It is the only expression possible for Judaism.  Whoever tells you that Zionism is bad and Judaism good has never read and comprehended the Old Testament or is a paid shill to muddy the water.

What is Israel?  A Jewish war-making state based on the Torah.  Israel can not exist outside of it’s holy books since the holy books are the source of its legitimacy.  The Torah is the foundation of Israel, without the Torah, Israel could not have the “Star of David” as it’s flag.  The Israeli flag is racist, it means “Jews only”.  Since the Torah is exclusionary and racist, it is a war making document.  Israel can only exist in a state of war unless Israel becomes non theistic which is highly unlikely.

Israel is becoming more theistic, thus more racist and more violent.   Israel is a militant “national socialism” state, i.e. fascist.  Any Jew that thinks they will experience freedom in Israel is sadly mistaken, Israel is the most fascist state in the world and becoming more militant everyday.  Loyalty oaths the new trend.  What an irony, the Jews who escaped Nazi Germany are now trapped in a Rabbinic fascist nightmare.

What is the Menorah?  The Menorah is a phallus based icon representing permanent erection.  It is the prime symbol of Judaism because it represents male dominance of a patriarchal religion.  Jewish feminists are fools to have a menorah in their domain.

The donkey penis inverted is the exact size, shape, curvature, thickness of the menorah.

Animals with large penises have trouble maintaining erection so the curved semi-erect

donkey penis that seems flaccid is inverted to represent ultimate male power.

Can there be Peace in the World? The western world is in a state of war because Jews control the monetary and political systems of the major western states, namely the USA and the UK.  Christians that pray to the Jew god hoping for peace are severely deluded, the Jew god is a god of war. There can be no peace for the west so long as Israel exists, there can be no peace for Jews so long as the Torah exists.

See the Torah for what it is, a war-making document written by power-mad Rabbis. Judaism is a war-making, tribal religion… it makes war on all things outside of the tribe, not just other nations but plants and animals, even the earth itself. Israel exists in a state of war because Israel is the first order expression of Judaism. There is no peaceful state of being for practicing Jews or Israel because their holy books are about making war and destroying god’s enemies, which is everyone non Jewish.  Jews are waging war on the entire world, there is no identity for Jews outside of war, they are god’s chosen war mongers.

IDF Soldiers in Prayer with Torah & Tefillin

A Minyan and Torah Reading in a War Zone.

Chabad Yeshiva students bring a Torah scroll to an IDF unit.

* Phishna *

NTS Notes:  Again, I must emphasize that I am not a racist, or a so called "antisemite" as these phonies like to constantly cry out as a smear tactic every time their crimes against humanity are exposed.  I am after criminality and exposing evil.

A very important article indeed that should alert readers about the truth about these criminals.  Please take this information,and feel free to pass it around to others!

If any of my readers have any criticism of this article...My comment section is wide open for you to vent your opinions at any time!

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Great post. Mark Glenn does amazing work. I really enjoy his podcasts and do my housecleaning listening to them! LOL. The bit about the menorah did surprise me however.

One thing though, I was under the impression that the Talmud was the big book of Israel. Harold Wallace Rosenthal said the main theme of the Talmud was "how to get/steal and keep".

Northerntruthseeker said...

I was wondering that too, Noor.. It is the big book of the majority of the so called "Jews" of today, and is most evil in its writings...

I remember that Rosenthal statement too... Very interesting, but does not take away from the fine points of this article..

Truth & Facts = anti "semitic" said...

The cult of Asiatic bogus jews worshiping a bunch of donkey dicks would hark back to their phallus worshiping customs, in the Asiatic Khazar's true homeland of Khazaria, before they adopted judaism around 1200 years ago for purposes of political expediency.

Then at some point they obviously realized what a great cover it was for their international crime syndicate, (now headquartered in terrorist Apartheid Occupied Palestine, with branch offices in their puppet states of England and America), and all they then had to do was sell the scam to us gullible white European goobers - like taking candy from a gaggle of brain-damaged babies, really. (It's not easy being anti "semitic" when they ain't Semites.)

I think it quite fitting that the useful idiots representing the Israeli Government of America place a gigantic bunch of donkey dicks on the lawn of the not-so-White House each year. It's a true and honest representation of what judaized Commie America stands for these days, after it handed the world over to the Commie bogus jews and their international banker criminal leadership in 1945.

I see the Chief Rabbit of the Israeli Government of Canada, Stephen Harper, is bemoaning more and more long-suppressed Truth & Facts leaking out around the world about his puppeteers, i.e. the group he actually represents in Parliament.

Due to the evil internet, no doubt, which his lords and masters don't yet own, control and subvert - unlike all the rest of "our" media.

Here's the link (you'll need a strong stomach)...


John said...

I see many fallacies in the article, such as:

1. He claims the Torah [the first 5 books of the Bible written by Moses] is written by Rabbis.
2. He claims the Book of Genesis is dis-proven by modern evolutionary science.
3. He claims most of the Old Testament is plagiarized, and it’s origin is man made, not God made.
4. He claims that God out of the Torah is fictional. [Whom is the Almighty God of all creation.]
5. He claims Judaism means someone who reads and believes in the Torah. [He is passing on the same lies that the Jews do about themselves. Judaism comes from the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jews disguise that by claiming they believe in the Torah, which is a lie.] [“But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom your hopes are set. If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me. But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?” John 5:45-47]
6. He claims the God of the Torah is psychopathic. [Whom is the very Creator God that provided Salvation for all mankind.]
7. He claims that becoming theistic makes you racist and violent. [I believe in (one) God, as I would hope that you do. I'm neither racist nor violent, as a matter of fact I've never been in a physical fight my entire life. He is promoting atheism. Though most Jews are atheists, go figure.]
8. He claims that Christians who pray to the Jew God hoping for peace, are severely deluded, the Jew God is a God of war. [Not sure if he is referencing Jesus or God of the Old Testament. Either way it doesn't matter because Jesus is the God of the Old Testament (Read the Gospel of John), though He was not a Jew, unless you mean Judean or Judahite by that term. Our God is a God of Love.]