Thursday, December 30, 2010

The War In Afghanistan Is Lost: NATO General: Afghan War To Escalate In 2011!

It has been a while since my last article about the lost war in Afghanistan.   As I have said before, and for new readers, I will state it here clearly:  The war in Afghanistan is a lost cause, and we the people must demand that the US and NATO start to withdraw the troops from that country immediately!  

But it seems that the US and NATO, rather than do the right thing and withdraw, will actually escalate the war in 2011!  I want to present that fact courtesy of this article from AntiWar at, entitled: "NATO General: Afghan War To Escalate In 2011" right here for my own readers to view.  I have some more comments to follow:

NATO General: Afghan War to Escalate in 2011

German General Says NATO Moving Into 'Hold' Phase

by Jason Ditz, December 29, 2010
Even as he tried to stick to the official stance about progress, NATO spokeman Brigadier General Joseph Blotz conceded that violence would escalate yet further in 2011, adding that “there is no end to the fighting season.
On the other hand, the German general insisted that NATO was finally moving into the “hold” phase of its clear and hold strategy, at least in some parts of the country. This did not, however, appear to mean anything in terms of violence.
The comments are the clearest indication yet that the official claims of “progress,” already coming under serious criticism from a number of fronts, doesn’t come with even the pretense that violence is going to be on the decline, and appears to be completely disconnected from the realities of the war on the surface.
2010 was the deadliest year yet for NATO in Afghanistan, with over 700 troops slain. With 2011 just around the corner it is of particular concern that, once again, the situation is expected to trend worse.

NTS Notes: I really love the false term:  "Hold Phase".  Hold onto what?  A lost cause?

The fact is clear, readers:  This war is about Opium and to ensure that the drugs flow out of that country to markets around the world.    This most evil cause has already cost the lives of thousands of dead soldiers, and has cost the US alone somewhere in the vicinity of 1 TRILLION dollars.   The Taliban are winning the conflict both on the ground and most important in the minds and hearts of the Afghan people themselves!  It is definitely time to get out and stay out!

But it does seem that the US is definitely committed to this war, that is now longer than the Vietnam War itself in terms of duration.   The result sadly will be just as bad as what resulted from the Vietnam War, with the US pouring Billions more taxpayer money into this lost cause, and soldiers coming home defeated and broken....

And one other note:  I have been informed by many comments and have researched it myself about the fact that starting in 2012, the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is to begin construction, with a completion date slated for sometime in 2014.   Yes...This is one of the long term plans for Afghanistan by the US, but the primary reason for the invasion in 2001 was still to get the Opium Poppy Fields back into full production for the drug lords based primarily in Europe!

Get the troops out of Afghanistan NOW and bring them home!

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