Monday, December 27, 2010

Global Warming Is A Fraud, And A Massive Scam: The Climate Scam - The Game Is Up!

We are all fully aware of exactly what is happening in the Northern (and even the Southern) Hemisphere by now.   The planet is definitely cooling, and most of the so called Climate Change scientists and scam artists are on the run and desperately trying to find explanations that will still fit in their "Global Warming" hoax and fraud!    There have even been reports coming out of the UK where scientists are saying that the freezing temperatures being experienced this Winter are due to Global Warming!   That is absolutely laughable and shows that these criminals are now running scared themselves!

To show readers how far this scam has truly been exposed and how it is even being handled by some brave politicians, I want to present the following video evidence, entitled: "The Climate Scam -The Game Is Up!" where a British Politician openly calls out the scam artists!  Please watch this video, and I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is truly time to put these Global Warming crooks and charlatans out of their misery.  The planet is heading towards a long period of Global cooling, and it has absolutely nothing to do with man made pollutants and CO2, but on natural oscillations of our sun, Sol!

I put up articles sometime back that stated clearly that solar radiation output from our sun, Sol, is down significantly and the effects would be felt here on Earth shortly... Well, those effects are being felt right now!

The fact is that these Global Warming scam artists have been responsible for convincing governments to prepare for periods of heating, and therefore leaving nations totally unprepared for what is happening now, which is an intense period of cooling!   People are now paying dearly for this idiocy, indeed!

And again, I am still waiting to hear from the major fraud artist himself, Al "Manbearpig" Gore..... Is it not interesting that he has quietly and quickly disappeared from public view and scrutiny?

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