Thursday, December 2, 2010

Canada-Israel: The Other Special Relationship (Video)

I have stated many times already, and it must be stressed here again... Canada is Zionist Jewish occupied territory!   The Canadian Government in Ottawa, and especially the zionist shill Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has sold its soul a long time ago to Zionist Jewish interests.   The Canadian Federal Government has shown recently that it puts the interests of the criminal state of Israel first and foremost, even above the interests of the people of Canada which elects them in the first place!

How bad is it in Canada?  Well, I want to present a great video that was just released, entitled: "Canada-Israel:  The Other Special Relationship."    I want to present that video in its entirety for my own readers to view right here:

NTS Notes:  This video shows clearly who is in charge in Canada.  

Canada has fallen under the control of Zionist Jewish interest groups, and they are pushing now for a horrific new "law" that will charge anyone who criticizes Israel, with the stupid and idiotic crime of "antisemitism".   The consequences could mean jail time for any critics of evil!

It must be noted that the real truth about how "antisemitism" is a LIE is shown in a video that I have in the left hand column of this blog.... If anyone wants to see the truth for themselves, just view that video!

I am still hoping that most Canadians will not allow these criminals to extend Canadian Hate Laws to include the stupid idea that criticizing evil is somehow the BS lie of "antisemitism".   However, with the total control over the Mainstream media in Canada by these same criminals, that "law" may be considered and passed soon!  If that happens, sites such as this one may be forever silenced in Canada!

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