Sunday, November 14, 2010

The War In Afghanistan Is Lost: Canadian Prime Minister Commits Canadian Troops For 3 More Years (At Least!)

The war in Afghanistan has been lost for some time now.   This war is all about Afghan Opium production, and transportation to markets around the world.  Right now, brave men and women are dying to protect Opium poppy fields only.   My own country, Canada, was ordered by its Rothschild masters in Europe to commit troops starting in 2001 to exclusively protect the drug production, and as a result to this date 152 Canadian soldiers have died on this "mission" based on lies!

Now, it seems that according to this article from, the criminal Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has "agreed" to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan for an additional 3 more years (at least) after the committed 2011 deadline for their total withdrawal!   I want to present this article in its entirety here, and my comments will follow:

Canadian troops to stay in Afghanistan, Harper says


By David Akin Parliamentary Bureau Chief

Posted 2 days ago
SEOUL, South Korea -- Canadian troops will stay an extra three years in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday, though he promises they'll no longer engage in combat missions and will instead focus on safer training missions.

"I do this with some reluctance, but I think it is the best decision when one looks at the options," Harper told reporters here just before the opening of the G20 summit.

"Look, I'm not going to kid you -- down deep, my preference would have been to see a complete end to the military mission, but as we approach that date, the facts on the ground convince me that the Afghan military needs further training."

Canada's combat mission is to end in 2011. In an interview in January, Harper had said: "We will not be undertaking any activities that require any kind of military presence, other than the odd guard guarding an embassy. We will not be undertaking any kind activity that requires a significant military force protection, so it will become a strictly civilian

Harper, though, appears to have changed his mind.

"I don't want to risk the gains that Canadian soldiers have fought for and they have sacrificed for in such significant
numbers for by pulling out too early if we can avoid that," he said. "If we can continue a smaller mission that involves just training, I think frankly that presents minimal risks to Canada but it helps us ensure that the gains we've made are continuing."

Canada's NATO allies, particularly the U.S. and Britain, have been pressuring Canada to stay in Afghanistan.
"I know there are others in NATO who would like us to continue the combat mission. I've been very clear, that's not an option Canada will consider," Harper said.

Harper said the training mission under consideration would run until 2014.

NTS Notes:  The Zionist Jewish controlled media in Canada has been going full tilt since this breaking of the promise to remove the Canadian troops in 2011, by a barrage of statements saying that the Canadian public is in "full support" of this extension!   How the heck can Canadians support a criminal war that is costing Billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars and in which Canadian soldiers are being killed to support a criminal drug trade?   This is absolutely outrageous!

The fact is simple that our criminal Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has received his orders from the Rothschild drug empire to keep the troops in Afghanistan indefinitely to protect the Afghan Opium poppy fields and drug production and transportation out of that country.    The selling of this lie by the controlled media is by stating that the Canadian troops will be in Afghanistan as a "civilian mission" (?), and to "train the Afghan military forces".   The lie continues by stating that this can only be done by keeping the Canadian troops there for another 3 more years!

I personally cannot believe that the Canadian public is swallowing this BS.   The war in Afghanistan is for evil purposes only, and the Canadian troops should be withdrawn immediately.    Not keeping to the original promise and timetable to remove the troops in 2011 shows definitely that our government does not answer to the will of the Canadian people.  

Lets demand that our troops be withdrawn and brought home, NOW!  

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

There are no words. I actually gave in to my lower self and wrote another impromptu rant this morning. I thought that I had managed to move on.

But thanks my dear, This news just makes me want to rant some more.

But I am out of words for now. I have filthy language running around in my mind for this beast. Just as the Americans are reaching the tilt point, Harper steps up to the plate.

I am fighting the urge as we speak... to say I detest him at a 300% degree level is not good enough.

He hates Canadians and I know he is charged to start bringing us down to the level of the US in so many ways.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Sigh.. Three more years of death and destruction in Afghanistan... It is definitely disgusting...

And of course our controlled media here in Canuckistan is trumpeting this announcement as something "great"??? It shows that the shills are in control here as much as they are in the states...

Your GRRRRRRRR, Noor, is felt by me as well!