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The War In Afghanistan Is Lost: Be Under No Illusion, NATO Is In NO Shape To Make Progress In This Graveyard Of Empires

The war in Afghanistan has been lost by the United States and its NATO allies for quite some time now.   It was formulated on total lies in the first place, because the Rothschilds in Europe were desperate to keep the Afghan Opium flowing for their evil criminal profits and demanded that their minions and slave nations to go into Afghanistan to get the poppy fields back into full production.   Now, 9 years after the American led invasion of that nation, the United States and their NATO allies are losing the battle to the true freedom fighters, the Taliban for control of the entire nation.  

For a better understanding of the present situation in Afghanistan, I want to present the following article by Patrick Cockburn, from The Independent online news service out of the UK at www.independent.co.uk, entitled: "Be Under No Illusion, Nato Is In No Shape To Make Progress In This Graveyard Of Empires".   I want to present that entire article here, with my comments to follow:

Patrick Cockburn: Be under no illusion, Nato is in 

no shape to make progress in this graveyard of 


Saturday, 20 November 2010

If Iraq was bad, Afghanistan is going to be worse. Nothing said or done at the Lisbon conference, which is largely an exercise in self-deception, is going to make this better and it may well make it worse.
It is not just that the war is going badly, but that Nato's need to show progress has produced a number of counter-productive quick fixes likely to deepen the violence. These dangerous initiatives include setting up local militias to fight the Taliban where government forces are weak. These are often guns-for-hire provided by local warlords who prey on ordinary Afghans.

The US military has been making much of its strategy of assassinating mid-level Taliban commanders, but one study on the ground showed that many of these are men highly regarded in their communities. It concluded that killing them infuriated local people and led to many of them being recruited by the Taliban.

The US commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, will tell Nato leaders today of his plan to start handing over responsibility for security in some areas to the Afghan government in 2011. This sounds like wishful thinking on the part of General Petraeus and his selection of target dates is primarily to avoid accusations that Nato has no idea when or how it will get out.
The Taliban currently controls or has influence in half of Afghanistan. While US reinforcements have been pouring into Helmand and Kandahar provinces, the Taliban have been expanding their enclaves in the north.
The whole idea of handing over security to the Afghan government is based on a rapid expansion of the Afghan army to 171,000 men and the police to 134,000. Not only are these new recruits likely to be poorly trained, but they will be drawn from the largely anti-Taliban Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara communities. The Pashtun, 42 per cent of Afghans and the community from which the Taliban is largely drawn, will feel ever more victimised.
The differences between the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan underline that the latter is more dangerous for foreign occupiers. In Iraq the anti-US guerrillas sprang from Sunni Arabs, a community to which less than one in five Iraqis belonged. The post-Saddam government in Baghdad was supported by the Kurds and the Shia, making up four-fifths of the population. Afghans are more xenophobic than Iraqis. "Suspicion of foreigners is part of every Afghan's DNA," said a Western diplomat in Kabul.
The Nato leaders in Lisbon may want to consider two other respects in which Afghanistan may prove a more dangerous country. The Afghan government is much feebler than its equivalent in Baghdad where there is a tradition of central control and $60bn in oil revenues. Militarily, what defeated the Soviet army in Afghanistan was not the warlike prowess of the Afghans but the 2,500km long border with Pakistan. So long as this remains open, and the insurgents have safe havens in Pakistan, Nato and the Afghan government are not going to win.

NTS Notes:  Afghanistan has always been the graveyard of empires.  Historians will point out that the British, the Russians, and now the Americans, have all failed to conquer and control the nation.  The only person in history that was able to conquer and subdue Afghanistan was Alexander the Great some 2300 years ago!   It is absolutely no wonder that for the empires that have tried to conquer Afghanistan, the result has been the collapse of the invading empires themselves.... Is America about to be the next empire to collapse because of Afghanistan?

This war was started and is continuing for all the wrong reasons. The only sane solution is for the immediate cessation of the American led occupation, and for all foreign troops to withdraw from Afghanistan immediately.   But as long as the Rothschilds want their drugs for profits flowing out of Afghanistan, there will absolutely be no withdrawal of their slave nations' forces for the foreseeable future.  

The only result of this continuing war based on lies and evil reasons will be more and more soldiers coming home broken or in body bags, the end of the American empire, and the bleeding to death of the American economy.    Is this a wake up call for Americans?  It should have been already!

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