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Top US And Israeli Military Leaders Meet Amid Iran "Controversy"

With all of the reporting going on about the actions of the TSA in American airports, we soon forget about any news elsewhere on the planet.   One major event that is still ongoing is still the push for war against Iran by the criminal state of Israel.   The Israelis are searching for ways to have the Americans doing all the fighting and dying in a war against Iran primarily for their sick desire for total hegemony in the Middle East and their cherished dream of a "Greater Israel"!

Right now, I want to present the following report from, that states that top American and Israeli Military Leaders are meeting right now amid controversy over how to tackle Iran.   Here is that article for my readers to view, and I have some comments to follow:

Top US, Israeli Military Leaders Meet Amid Iran Controversy

17 November, 2010
Chairman of the U.S.Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen (file photo)
Photo: K. Farabaugh-VOA
Chairman of the U.S.Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen (file photo)

The top U.S. and Israeli military officers met Wednesday amid some disagreement among senior leaders of the two countries on how best to pressure Iran to abandon its alleged nuclear weapons program.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, hosted his Israeli counterpart, General Gabi Ashkenazi at the Pentagon

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a "credible military threat" from the international community to convince Iran's leaders to abandon their nuclear program.  But U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates disagreed, saying in a separate appearance that international sanctions are having more impact than had been expected, and should be given more time to work.

On Tuesday at the Pentagon, Netanyahu's military chief, General Ashkenazi, agreed that the sanctions are having an impact, but questioned whether that will be enough.

"The real question here [is whether] it's sufficient enough to persuade the Iranians to change the course of action in terms of the nuclear program," said Ashkenazi. "And that has to be determined.  And we still have some time to watch it and see what will be the final outcome."

General Ashkenazi would not say how long he thinks the international community can wait before threatening or taking military action.

The top U.S. military officer, Admiral Mullen, said the military option has never been abandoned, but he echoed Secretary Gates' view that the sanctions are having a significant impact and should be given more time.

"I've certainly seen a body of evidence that indicates that the sanctions are taking their toll, much more rapidly than some had anticipated, more deeply," said Mullen. "They're very broadly supported.  These aren't just U.S. sanctions, they're UN sanctions."

Admiral Mullen said he has no doubt Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, and said that would be a "disaster for the region," and an "incredibly destabilizing" development.

Iranian leaders consistently deny charges they are trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

NTS Notes:  I do not see any controversy or real disagreements at all in spite of what this article claims.   The Israelis are basically meeting with their American puppets and hammering out plans and details on how to get their war going against Iran.    The entire notion that there is disagreement is nothing more than a smokescreen, because the American government and therefore its military is under full control of these Zionist Jewish criminals and will do exactly as their masters wish.

As I stated before, the clock is still ticking in the countdown to a war with Iran.   The Israelis want this war desperately and guaranteed are in the final stages of planning for a new false flag attack against America to get the American public on board for an attack against Iran.  

We must not forget that there are still at least TWO stolen, and unaccounted for, South African built nuclear weapons that are most definitely under the control of the evil Mossad.   There has always been the fear that these criminals will commit nuclear terrorism by setting off at least one of these nukes in an American city and placing the blame on Iran through their controlled media.

As I stated, all of this pandering is nothing but a smokescreen.   The planning for the impending attack against Iran is still ongoing, and something terrible is definitely in the works...  Stay tuned!

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