Friday, November 12, 2010

Interesting Videos: Exposing The LIES About "Hamas Rocket Attacks"!

Ever so often I come across some great material and the efforts of others in exposing some of the lies perpetrated about Israel and its false claims made against its neighbours.  One such ridiculous claim perpetuated by the Zionist state is their claim that they need to attack their neighbours, and the prison camp called Gaza, to stop "rocket" attacks that they claim are launched from these territories against Israel itself.

Right now, I want to present a great set of two videos, entitled:  "The Lies About Hamas Rockets, Parts I and II", that exposes the lies about so called "Hamas Rocket Attacks", and how these false attacks have been used by the controlled media,  and as this video shows,  some very nefarious so called "charities" to raise money for Israel itself!   The evidence speaks for itself, and the facts presented here are sickening.  Here are the videos, in parts I, and II:

Part I:

Part II:

NTS Notes: For the longest time, I have shown evidence that backs up the facts that these so called "rocket" attacks are totally bogus and an outright lie.

In almost ALL cases over the years, these "rocket" attacks have been exposed as being performed by Mossad agents of Israel that set up small rocket platforms, and launch these "rockets" back into Israel itself.   "By Way Of Deception...." indeed

The facts do speak for themselves... These rockets almost always are aimed purposely at open farm fields, and in almost all cases never seem to kill anyone!   Israel claims thousands of rocket attacks all the time, but there has never been any more than a few dozen at most in any given year!

However, we have witnessed the Israeli response to these "rocket attacks" as being absolutely brutal.  These bogus attacks have led to a constant pounding of the Gaza Strip by Israeli warplanes and tanks that has killed hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians.    AND we should be fully aware that Israel may use the phony existence of thousands of "Hezbollah rockets" as their newest pretext for a new war against Lebanon so that they can get their cherished new source of fresh water....

It is time for some real truth to come out again, and this exposure of how these criminals have been using these bogus rocket attacks to raise money for the criminal state of Israel is absolutely priceless....

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mondo said...

The problem is our politicians are too much of pussies. They don't want to lose their cushy high paying lifestyles(pete McCloskey, Paul Findley), they don't want to be castigated in the media (Cynthia McKinney), or they dont want to be killed. (JFK for wanting to back currency w/ silver and wanting to inspect Dimona) We need a total overhaul of our political system and it won't happen until every ball-less American refuses to vote on hacked machines. France protests and goes on strike for weeks at a time over 2 years of extended retirement despite already having 6 weeks paid vacation a year. If that happened to us, not a single slave(person) would utter a peep. In fact, they are about to raise the retirement age from 65 to 69 and take away half of social security! French get 2.4X more a month in social security PLUS free health care for the whole family. Including 24 hour at home medical service if necessary.
Lets face it, we are far bigger pussies than the french. And to think some listened to FOx News and slammed France because they wouldn''t participate in an illegal war in Iraq!

I've been trying for 6 years to wake up my fellow Americans and all I can say is it was a total waste of time. Americans are stubbornly ignorant and arrogant and I should have left the country instead of wasting 1000's of hours trying to help brainwashed idiots.