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From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CLIII: The Laughable Latest "Terrorist Attack" That Never Was!

I have received several emails asking my opinion on the latest so called false flag attack that supposedly involved a toner cartridge with a circa 1980's circuit board supposedly being sent from Yemen to be delivered to Synagogues in Chicago.   After watching all of the absolute BS coming out of the US Zionist jewish controlled Mainstream media, I laughed so hard that it was difficult for me to believe that anyone would actually fall for this laugher.   But I figure I would put in my 2 cents worth, and file this one as a definite File of (Absolute) Absurdity.

Before I go into my own commentaries about this laugher of a "terrorist attack", I want to place in this article an excellent article from Mike Rivero at, entitled: "The UPS Terror Flight From Yemen That Never Was".   It contains some great details on this false flag attack, and I am enclosing the entire article here for my own readers to view:



Obama's "scare the Americans into voting Democratic" plan is already in trouble. The official story on Friday October 29th was that an unnamed ally issued a warning for British authorities to be on the lookout for a suspicious package sent from Yemen to Great Britain on a UPS flight. A search of the UPS flighty on the ground in Britain yielded a package containing a printer toner cartridge sprayed with a white substance that looks like plastic Christmas tree snow.

To make the "toner cartridge of death" look even scarier, a circuit board was attached to the outside with wires. Careful analysis of the card itself suggests it is a circuit card from a TV set, most likely the tuner, circa 1980s

Note carefully there is no battery to power this object, nor were any detonators found.

Of course, Obama claimed exactly the opposite, which left the BBC struggling to placate the President while not allowing themselves to look like they were changing the original story to do it!

But the story gets better! The original claim was that the suspicious package originated in Yemen and flew to Britain on an aircraft owned by UPS, and the media showed us all the video of a UPS aircraft being stopped and searched on the runway in Britain.

But there is a problem. There are no UPS aircraft flying in and out of Yemen!

In short, there was not and could not be a UPS aircraft flying out of Yemen.

UPS uses a subcontractor, Sun Tours, to handle shipping in and out of Yemen. Sun Tours sends their shipments via Yemenia Air, and Yemenia Air's Cargo Director reports there were no shipments sent through Yemen to Chicago for the 48 hours prior to the "discovery" of the toner cartridge in Britain.

In short a toner cartridge that cannot explode shows up on a UPS jet which could not have come from Yemen, and Obama pounds it for all its worth trying to save the Democrats next Tuesday. Frankly I think Americans should be outraged not that Obama tried such a stunt, but that after all the times Bush was caught using terror scares for political gain that Obama thinks you are all stupid enough to fall for it again! If tonight's polls are accurate, you weren't and you didn't and Obama may have just screwed his own party to the point where they are all praying for Diebold to save them!

NTS Notes:  Mike is right on the money with his facts presented here.   It must also be noted that since this What Really Happened article came out several days ago, the case against the first suspect, a woman out of Yemen, has fallen apart, and the US is still scrambling to blame this laugher of a "terrorist attack" on someone.    

Readers, the facts are simple... This latest phony false flag attack has Mossad/CIA written all over it.   The idea of this laugher was to again scare the American public that "Al Qaeda" is launching new terrorist threats against the United States, and that the American public should somehow rally behind their leadership to fight this absolutely phony and artificial terrorist organization.  

We all know by now that Al Qaeda itself is totally phony and is nothing more than a creation of the CIA and the Mossad for their just as phony "war on terror".   This laugher has all the earmarks of being the latest in their long list of false flag terrorist attacks to keep people in a state of fear.    Therefore it is so obvious that these two evil groups are actually behind this latest phony terror attack!

It is also a fact that there is no coincidence that this laugher is happening just before the US mid-term elections.  The Democratic party in the US is actually under the belief that the American public would be so fearful of "terrorist" attacks that they would rally behind their leadership and somehow give the President and his party the vote on Tuesday!   I cannot believe that these morons would actually think the American public would fall for this scam.

Welcome to my latest chapter in my Files Of Absurdity, readers.   This one is absolutely pathetic and shows that the criminals are running out of ideas on how to fool the people when they try to pull off this laugher.   Did they really think the American people are this stupid?

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