Monday, November 22, 2010

Friends Of Israel - Enemies Inside The Gates

No man can serve two masters.  I have stated this quote for quite sometime now, and it definitely comes into play when you consider all of the dual citizens of Israel occupying top government positions in most Western governments today.

You only need to look closely at the United States Government to see that there are dozens of Zionist Jews occupying key government posts with dual citizenship between the United States, and the criminal state of Israel itself.  Many of these dual citizens, especially the likes of Eric Cantor,  would sell America down the river in a heartbeat to support Israel first and foremost.

People everywhere must  understand that these dual citizens, who can be termed "Sayanim" or "Helpers of Israel" are nothing more than traitors to their host nations, and should be immediately removed from positions of power,  or jailed on charges of treason and espionage against their host nations!

Now, I want to bring forward a great video, from Anthony Lawson out of Australia.  This video is entitled: "Friends Of Israel - Enemies Inside The Gates".  It is a follow-up to his previous video that focused on the relentless attacks on Kevin Bracken from the Zionist Jewish controlled Australian media for his calling for a new investigation into the 9-11 attacks.  It also brings into focus the usage of "Sayanim", and Mossad agents of Israel, were on the ground to witness and "document" that horrendous attack.  It shows how these agents of Israel are in key positions of power to protect Zionist Jewish interests not just in Australia, but in nations around the planet.  Here is that important video:

NTS Notes:   The facts presented here speak for themselves.   Anthony Lawson shows how the media and government in Australia has gone to great lengths to vilify those who call for proper research into the 9-11 attacks.   This vilification is due to their need to prevent the real perpetrators from being exposed, which are the Zionist Jews themselves!

Please spread this video around.    As shown in this video, these criminals may call themselves "Friends of Israel", but they truly are the "Enemies inside the Gates" due to their treacherous activities in both protecting and selling out their host nations in a heartbeat for their love of the criminal state of Israel.

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