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When Will We See The Next Mass Murder? Rosh Hashanah? Yom Kippur? 9-11?

We have seen the rise of Islamophobia in America thanks to the lies promoted by the Zionist Jewish controlled media in America, as well as the actions of the clowns in the so called "Tea Party" in promoting hatred against Muslims to the American citizens.  They have also continued to promote the lie that Muslims did the 9-11 attacks, as one of their continuing insidious methods of whipping up this hatred, so that the Americans will blindly support their cherished criminal state of Israel in a new war of conquest.  

The question now becomes: When will Israel and its Mossad operatives do a new false flag operation against America to finally get their slaves in America to go to war for them?  Well, according to this new report from Jeff Gates, courtesy of the website:, the newest attack on America by these criminals may be coming sooner than most people think.  Here is that article for my own readers to view:

When Will We See the Next Mass Murder? Rosh Hashanah? Yom Kippur? 9/11?


Here's a news flash for Tel Aviv: it's not a sign of respect when the bulk of humanity views you as psychopathic.
The concerns of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are misplaced. The legitimacy of Israel is no longer threatened. It's already lost. Long gone. Kaput.
Nation states are shared states of mind. The mindset in Iceland differs from India. Israel is the most unlike of all. Founded by extremists and terrorists, it's been downhill ever since.
Psychopaths want to be loved. That's why they're so charming, albeit only superficially. They're also pathological liars, egocentric, callous and remorseless.
Those qualities have long been familiar to Israel's neighbors, particularly the Palestinians. After WWII, Harry Truman was charmed into treating this extremist enclave as an ally.
That decision may well go down in history as America's greatest mistake.
Though we've served for 62 years as Israel's patron, pocketbook and apologist, the respect and affection has flowed in only one direction.

Psychopaths should not be confused with megalomaniacs. The mental states are quite different. Megalomaniacs seek to be feared, not loved. Control is the common trait.
That not-so-subtle distinction matters, at least for those of us who are not dual citizens.
For instance, it's now known that Israel and its advocates fixed the intelligence that took us to war in Iraq. That fact is no longer in dispute.
That fact alone confirms the split personality evident in the shared state of mind we call Israel. Those who share that state charmed us into committing our blood and treasure for goals long sought by Israel. That's the psychopath component.
The megalomaniac component felt they had a right to make us fearful. As Chosen (by a god of their own choosing), devotees of this shared mindset truly believe it's their right to deceive. Those complicit see themselves as "of us but above us."
When we dispatched our military to pursue their goals, Americans were killed and maimed as we borrowed our way into a fiscal morass from which there's no clear route to recovery.
Score another victory for the U.S.-Israel special relationship.
Why Don't Americans Get It?
Nothing about this "state" is legit. Never was. Its founding traces to a multi-decade reign of terror built on a phony historical foundation. Even the most dull-witted now question how Israel came into being. And why the U.S. ever deemed it special.
Americans are learning to fear Israel-as they should. A few of us remain charmed-despite the facts. For the True Believer, facts are likely to remain irrelevant.
Those familiar with the facts know better. Thus the fast-growing concern that troublesome behavior patterns are emerging once again.
Those most knowledgeable are deeply concerned about recent events.

Sephardi chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
On August 26th, a leaked memo from the Central Intelligence Agency cited American Jews as exporters of terrorism. Then came the news on August 30th from Sephardi chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who urged that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas "vanish from our world" and that "God strike (Palestinians) down with a plague."

Neither story gained traction in mainstream U.S. media. Instead, news coverage was reserved for August 31st when four Israelis were shot dead in the West Bank.
The most lethal attack in four years-blamed on Hamas-occurred just hours before Netanyahu's scheduled meeting with Hamas leaders and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
The timing revived memories of the many well-timed "incidents" during the reign of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. No one dares suggest that Tel Aviv may be the source of this latest incident. Yet consider just a few of the many precedents:
  • On April 12, 2002, at the same moment Secretary of State Colin Powell was meeting with Ariel Sharon, a suicide bombing occurred in Israel, killing 8 and injuring 22.
  • On May 10, 2002, at the same moment President Bush was meeting with Ariel Sharon, a suicide bombing occurred in Israel.
  • On June 11, 2003, on the same day Ariel Sharon visited the White House, a suicide bombing killed 17 and wounded 100 on a bus in Jerusalem.
  • On November 11, 2003, while the president of Italy was visiting the U.S., Italy suffered its greatest wartime casualties since WWII when 19 Italians were killed in Iraq.
  • On November 20, 2003, while President Bush was visiting Prime Minister Tony Blair in London, the British envoy to Istanbul was among 27 killed by a blast.
  • On November 30, 2003, while the president of Spain was visiting the U.S., seven Spanish intelligence officers were killed in Iraq.
The Source of Terror
What happens to Israel's fast-fading legitimacy if the fear of terrorism-all of it-traces back to those long known for their expertise at waging war "by way of deception." That's the founding credo of the Mossad, Israel's foreign operations directorate infamous for its worldwide expertise as an agent provocateur.
Would a state founded by terrorists resort to terror to sustain a narrative essential to its survival? Would Tel Aviv again deceive the U.S. to pursue its expansionist goals?

Zionist media mogul Haim Saban
Zionist media mogul Haim Saban spoke candidly when, in the May 10th issue of The New Yorker, he boasted of "three ways to be influential in American politics:" make donations to political parties, establish think tanks and control media outlets.

His only omission: terror.
Was this dual citizen conceding how the U.S. was induced to war-for Israel?
Was he describing how Zionists shape U.S. policy-in plain sight?
Was he describing how psychopaths wage war on the U.S.-from within?
Was he divulging how megalomaniacs influence U.S. decision-making-with fear?
Americans have long been charmed by this "special" relationship. Now it's time to be fearful. When a mental state of this malevolent sort becomes transparent and its operatives apparent, that's when "psycho-megalomania" becomes its most dangerous.
Will we see another terrorist attack? You can bet on it. The only question is: When?
Special days are often chosen for special events. Will the next mass murder be on Rosh Hashanah (September 8th)? How about the ninth anniversary of September 11? Or Yom Kippur on September 17?
Will the next incident be nuclear or conventional? Will it be staged in the U.S. or the E.U.?
And most important of all: will it be blamed on Hezbollah or Hamas? Or will the "Pakistan Taliban" be portrayed as the requisite Evil Doer responsible for the next mass murder?
Stay tuned.
* Jeff Gates is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide, Jeff Gates' latest book is Guilt by Association -How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008) his first release in the Criminal State series. His previous books include Democracy At Risk and The Ownership Solution. See his website Criminal State

NTS Notes:  It must be pointed out that the latest round of "Peace Negotiations" going on right now between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the United States has been doomed to failure even before the meetings take place.  Israel is not going to stop their illegal building of settlements in the West Bank because they want territory at the expense of the Palestinians.  Peace to the Israelis is for the Palestinians to leave Palestine, or to surrender the entire region of Palestine to Israel with absolutely no establishment of a Palestinian state!    

It must also be noted that this so called "Peace" conference has already failed before it even gets off the ground due to the recent shooting of 4 Israelis in the West Bank.  But is that not the continuance of the pattern as shown in this article?   How convenient that this shooting happened at just the exact moment that they decided to sit down to talk "peace"?  I can almost guarantee my readers that "Hamas" had absolutely nothing to do with this shooting, but to blame them only aids Netanyahu at this mockery of a conference, and allows him to make greater demands on the Palestinian Authority with no concessions in return!

There are many scenarios as to how the upcoming false flag attack by Israel and their Mossad operatives will take place. One disturbing scenario that I have speculated on already is the possibility that the Mossad will unleash one of its two stolen South African built nuclear bombs on an American city and have it blamed by the Zionist Jewish controlled media on one of Israel's Muslim neighbours.  That way they will have 300+ million brainwashed Americans fighting their never ending wars to destroy Islam. 

There is no doubt that a new "terrorist attack" in the same scope of the Israeli Mossad attack of 9-11 is coming.   Lets make sure that people are aware of  who the real perpetrators of the crime are if it ever does take place.

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