Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time To Wake Up America: Kenneth O'Keefe Video: 9-11 Was An Israeli Zionist False Flag Attack

When will Americans finally learn the truth?  The recent rise in hatred against Muslims has been fuelled by the continuing LIE that "Arabs with box cutters" seized control of 4 aircraft on 9-11 and flew them into buildings killing almost 3000 innocent American citizens.  THAT, readers, is what the Zionist Jewish controlled media is still pedalling to the American public to whip up hysteria and hatred in American citizens across the United States against Muslims.   Israel is banking on this hatred as its newest propaganda and brainwashing effort in getting America to support new wars against its Muslim neighbours.

With the approach of the 9th anniversary of that Israeli Mossad attack on America, I want to present the following video, in which Kenneth O'Keefe tells a news conference panel the exact truth as to who the perpetrators were on 9-11, and what their evil goals are.  Here is that video for my own readers to view:

NTS Notes:  Kenneth O'Keefe tells it exactly like it is.   People in America have been sleepwalking over the last 9 years under the false belief that their country was assaulted by mad Arabs that hated America "because they hate our freedoms".  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is it not time that the hatred that has been falsely aimed against Muslims gets properly redirected towards the real criminal, the state of Israel, that wants to use Americans to destroy its neighbours for its sick goal of a "Greater Israel"?

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