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Reality Check For ALL Islamophobic Christians: Jesus Didn't Warn Us About The Muslims. He Warned Us About The Jews!

Islamophobia is still rising in the United States, thanks to the Zionist Jewish controlled media that continues to spew its hateful message in an attempt to brainwash American citizens into supporting Israel's continuing war against its Muslim neighbours.  It is totally unfounded and based on lies and falsehoods.   It is disturbing to see how Americans are easily fooled by the false rhetoric.

Now comes another great article from Mark Glenn, at, entitled: "Reality Check For All Islamophobic Christians: Jesus Didn't Warn Us About The Muslims. He Warned Us About The Jews!"  which is aimed at the Christians in America in trying to get people to understand exactly who the real perpetrators of this "Islamophobia" are: The Zionist Jews and their agents in America!  Here is that article:

reality check for all islamophobic christians–jesus didn’t warn us about the muslims. he warned us about the jews

That’s right, for all you folks out there in the Christianite community frothing at the mouth and getting yourselves all hot-n-bothered these days over “THEM MOOZLIMS” taking over America, implementing Sharia law, cutting off heads, circumcising our women, forcing us to wear burkhas and all the rest, as much as I hate to douse your much-anticipated version of Armageddon with the cleansing waters of reality, nevertheless for the sake of posterity, it’s got to be done.
The fact is (and as disappointing as it will no doubt be for those of you out there sitting anxiously on the brink of your war-orgasm) Jesus never mentioned them–meaning words such as “terrorist”, “jihad”, “Islamo-fascism”, or any of the other sweet nothings constantly shouted into our ears by our friends in the Jewish controlled media that we are taught (forced) to memorize and recite these days. Not once. In fact, if we are to go by what the Bible says–the same book you say “proves” it took exactly 168 hours to create the entire freakin’ universe and which some of you use in justifying handling poisonous snakes–He never even murmured any such thing under His breath. Based on the only “historical record” you use in understanding the big, bad world around us, The Prince of Peace wasn’t even MILDLY concerned with the situation involving one Mohammad ibn Abdullah or his followers. Not only did He–Jesus Christ–not emphatically say these kinds of things, He never even ALLUDED to them…NEVER warned His flock about a period in the future where the world would be threatened by those you all disaffectionately (and with the assistance of your Jewish-dominated media) refer to as “towel-heads”, “sand niggers”, “hajjis” and “camel jockeys”.
I find that rather interesting, don’t you?
Now, I hear some of you screaming “legalism!“ and all sorts of other useless-at-this-point arguments in the pathetic attempt at slithering out of that inescapable bear hug known as fact-based reality, but what you have to remember is that this is the standard set by YOU. After all, you are the ones who follow the words in this book down to the letter in the interests of justifying war in the Middle East, remember? You are the ones holding tenaciously to that “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” nonsense in supporting the mass murder of millions of “THEM MOOZLIMS”.
Therefore, since this–the idea that the Bible is the inerrant word of God–is the standard that indeed you have set, I think we can then dismiss the idea that Jesus just plain forgot to mention it. I think He–meaning Jesus–would have known, wouldn’t you agree? After all, as Christians are taught, He knew all and saw all, so certainly something as big as THIS–meaning the world being dragged to the brink of complete annihilation by a fanatical group of people–THEM MOOZLIMS–is something Jesus would have saw fit to mention.
Actually however, in all fairness, He DID discuss items related to all this, a fact well-known by a certain group of people responsible for orchestrating all this murderous nonsense. Even though He did not use words such as “terrorism,” “jihad,” “Sharia Law” and all the rest, He DID see a storm on the horizon threatening to undo all His hard work in building that thing He referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven.
The problem is, for those these days who are desperate to burn the whole place down, it was not “THEM MOOZLIMS” He warned us about, but rather that OTHER group of fanatical followers of a certain Middle Eastern religion playing such a prominent role in world affairs these days. And do not make the mistake of thinking He was just mildly opposed to these folks, but rather, some might say, militantly. He referred to them as vipers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, children of the Devil and a whole host of other unflattering terms obviously designed to get the point across that these were dangerous creatures. Point of fact is that he was so convinced that they and the ideology driving their behavior was such an existential threat to humanity that He was willing to forfeit His life in trying to warn others, and it wasn’t “THEM MOOZLIMS” but rather “THEM JEWS”.
Yes, that’s right. He didn’t warn people about the “leaven of the Imams” but rather the leaven of the Pharisees. He didn’t forewarn His followers they would be dragged into mosques and persecuted but rather synagogues. In the book of Revelations, used by so many of the false prophets He warned us about as “proof” that it was our duty to expend every drop of our most precious resources we have–meaning our peace, prosperity and the blood of our children–in fighting the Jews’ wars for them, he didn’t pinpoint the cause of this time of future enslavement on the mosques, but rather on the synagogue.
You see, I have to remind you of this because right now you have morphed into a race of rabid dogs tearing to pieces whatever is put in front of you by your Zionist masters, who in reality are your real enemies and plan to kill you after you have finished doing their dirty work for them.
The fact that this needs any kind of explanation to you all is indicative as to how far gone you are in your disease. All the things you wring your hands over these days–the attacks on your Christian faith and the fact that the country has gone to hell in a handbasket–all this isn’t the result of Islam.
It isn’t THEM MOOZLIMS legislating Jesus Christ out of our culture through groups such as the ADL, ACLU, NARAL, NAMBLA, etc, it is THEM JEWS.
It isn’t “THEM MOOZLIMS” buying off our congress people and making them dance the Havanagela in the $30 million dollars a day we send to Israel, but rather THEM JEWS.
It isn’t “THEM MOOZLIMS” pushing gun control, abortion, porn, and the million other things that conservative Christians find obnoxious to their way of life, but rather THEM JEWS.
It isn’t THEM MOOZLIMS spying on America and selling our secrets to our enemies, but rather THEM JEWS.
We could go on and on, but that is a conversation for another time when you have eyes to see and ears to hear.
One thing He got right sure as shit however is the way all of you would fall victim to the lies peddled by His enemies. Remember all that business about a deception “so powerful” that even “the elect” would fall for it?
Congrats, you are part of that “elect” and how proud you must be.
© 2010 Mark Glenn

NTS Notes:  Readers, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the Zionist Jews want to whip up anti-Islamic hatred in the 300+ million American citizens so that these suckers will blindly go to war against Islam for them.   

It must also be noted that much of this phony Islamophobia being whipped up by the MSM is still based on the lie that it was "Muslims with box cutters" that hijacked the planes on 9-11 that killed over 3000 innocent American citizens.  The criminal Zionist Jews are obviously continuing to use this outright lie as a method of brainwashing the public into blindly supporting their criminal state of Israel, and its evil plans of destroying its neighbouring countries!

The fact is it was Israel along with its Mossad and Sayanim agents in America that pulled off that horrific terrorist attack.   This real truth is obviously never told to the public by the MSM, because if the people of America finally realized this truth, and that they had been purposely lied to by their media and their own government, then this "Islamophobia" would pale in comparison to the rising anger of the American public aimed at the state of Israel.  

Lets hope that people finally see the truth and end the absolute irrationality of Islamophobia once and for all...

More to come


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