Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Proof Again That The US Government Does NOT Answer To The American People At All

Israel controls the United States.   Another sad fact, readers.... The US Government is totally under the control of Zionist Jewish interests and absolutely does NOT answer to the American public.  Every Senator and Congressman who ever runs and is elected to the US Federal Government must swear their undying allegiance to the nation of Israel first and foremost.  That is also a proven fact!

You want further proof of the fact that the US Government is under the control of Israeli interests?  Well, here is an article from www.google.com/hostednews, where the US Government finally gives its official response to the latest UN report that found Israel totally guilty of murder in their attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on May 31st, 2010.    It seems that again, the US Government has whored itself to its masters in Tel Aviv!  Here is that article:

US criticizes 'unbalanced' flotilla probe
GENEVA — The United States on Tuesday criticised a UN probe into Israel's storming of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, urging the Human Rights Council to prevent the report from being used to torpedo peace talks.
"We are concerned by the report's unbalanced language, tone and conclusions," US ambassador Eileen Donahoe told the Human Rights Council.
"We urge that this report not be used for actions that could disrupt the direct Israeli-Palestinian talks now underway or actions that could make it harder," she added.
A probe ordered by the UN Human Rights Council said last week there was clear evidence to back a prosecution against Israel for killing and torture when troops stormed the flotilla in May, leaving nine Turkish activists dead.
The report also threw out Israel's argument that the activists were violent, thereby justifying the decision by soldiers to open fire.
It found that no offensive weapons were taken on board any of the vessels of the flotilla except a few catapults.
From the outset, Israel has rejected the probe as biased.
Other Western states however, called for the report to be transmitted to the a separate United Nations probe into the incident which was set up by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.
Switzerland said it hopes that the separate inquiry "would take into account the analysis and conclusions of the Human Rights Council's probe."
The European Union also "encouraged Israel to follow-up on the conclusions" of the rights inquiry.
The Israeli and Palestinian leaders relaunched peace negotiations earlier this month but the fledgling process is already in danger after the expiry of a moratorium on Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

NTS Notes:  "Unbalanced language, tone and conclusions"?  Israel commits outright murder, especially with the killing of an American citizen on the Mavi Marmara, and the US ambassador tells the UN Human Rights Council that the official report was "unbalanced"?    There is absolutely no justification for cold blooded murder!

Again, and again, I am asking the same question.... When the hell will the American people finally wake the hell up and get these clowns and traitors out of their government?   These morons are elected by the American public and yet they answer only to a foreign power?   Is that not treason?

America needs representatives that answer only to the citizens of the United States.   It is no wonder that the Israelis can act with impunity and outright murder... They know they have their slaves in the US Government in their back pocket just in case they are ever caught and exposed for their crimes against humanity.    It is up to the American public to end this madness and boot each and every one of the traitors out of public office.

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