Thursday, September 30, 2010

Israeli Settlement "Freeze" Was A Complete LIE! 120 Settlements Expanded During So Called "Freeze"!

I have been saying it for months, and I will say it again... Israel's so called settlement "freeze" was a complete sham and a lie.   These criminals continued to build up their settlements and in some cases actually accelerated their illegal settlement program in the occupied West Bank during the time that they harped to the media and to people around the world that they were in a 10 month "moratorium" on settlement building!

You want proof?  Here is an article from, where the Middle East Monitor has come forward and said that 120 illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank actually expanded during the so called farce of a "freeze".  Here is that article:

Statistics show that 120 Jewish settlements expanded during the "freeze"

Middle East Monitor

MEMO, September 29, 2010

Statistics show that 120 Jewish settlements expanded during the "freeze"As the ramifications of the Israeli decision not to extend the moratorium on settlement building are being digested, statistics released by the Land Research Centre show that 120 illegal Jewish settlements were expanded during the 10 months of the supposed "freeze". The centre's director, Jamal Talab, said that contrary to popular opinion, "settlement activities haven't stopped over the past 10 months". The expansion of the 120 settlements is thought to be in respect of 1,520 housing units.

According to Mr. Talab, Israel has prepared contracts for the construction of 2066 units for settlements in addition to plans for construction of 37,679 additional units in the future. He said that large areas of Palestinian land were annexed during the "settlement freeze", agricultural land was destroyed, 280 homes and other structures were demolished, and 13 Palestinian homes were seized by settlers. The statistics reveal, according to Mr. Talab, that Israel intends to demolish a further 830 Palestinian buildings. Over the past ten months during which this freeze is supposed to have been in place, Israel has refused permission for 10 roads to be paved in Palestinian areas, whereas illegal settlers have had paving installed on 28 roads built exclusively for their use.

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NTS Notes:  I never had any doubt at all that these criminals were liars and hypocrites.   But it does seem more and more that they can lie through their teeth, and they will have their controlled media sell the lie to the general public as the truth.

Israel has one goal in mind.  They want ALL of Palestine no matter what.  They will lie, cheat, and steal from the Palestinians to obtain their dream of a "Greater Israel".   It is high time that everyone gets the message and helps in this fight for the rights of the Palestinian people!

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